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Gay & Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments & LGBTQ+ Sports Events Worldwide

Gay & Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments & LGBTQ+ Sports Events Worldwide

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Gay Travel Gay Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments

Gay Travel Gay Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments: Yes, indeed! Another wonderful reason to travel! The LGBTQ+ communities from all over the world are inviting sportswomen and sportsmen to join their international tournaments. Since Karl is a Volleyball player by heart since his 12th year of age, we as gay couple travel blogger have another wonderful and sportive reason to explore the whole world of gay sports. Visiting gay and lesbian friends, competing in friendship and harmony in various sports and exploring the hosting cities are just some great examples why we decided to add our sports gay travels to our gay couple travel blog. In case you do not know anything about the gay sports world, have a close look.

The international LGBTQ+ community organizes several sports events in various sports on a steady base. Therefore, we are putting those events on our bucket list when Karl and his Volleyball team are up for some extra sporty trips. In Central Europe for example, the International Gay-Lesbian Volleyball League is organizing a Europewide competition held in different cities in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, and Poland. Karl and his team from Dresden “Der Bogenschütze” are playing in the second highest level there, also known as B+. But there are more possibilities to see friends on the Volleyball court. Since its first edition in 1982 in San Francisco, the Gay Games, also known as the Gay Olympics, are the biggest international LGBTQ+ Sports Competition. They will be held in Paris in 2018 for the 10th time already. Another internationally remarkable sports event are the World Outgames initially organized because of differences with the GayGames organizers. We see them as the World Championships in Gay sports if you will. At the European Level, the EuroGames as irregular regularly organized sports events are the best to attend for us living in Amsterdam. Actually, Karl was competing at the 16th edition of the EuroGames in Helsinki in 2016.

But that is not all yet! Because every year the LGBTQ+ community and sports clubs of the major cities around the world are organizing their own and sometimes very special tournaments. So does, for example, the German capital Berlin with its annual Goldelsen Cup in November organized by the Gay and Lesbian Sports Club Vorspiel. But also Amsterdam is part of it and its LGBTQ+ sports Club Netzo is organizing the “Sinterklaastoernooi” in November for the 27th time in 2017. Do you wanna know more about our Gay Travel Gay Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments?


Our Gay Travel Map for Gay Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments worldwide:

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Plan your Trip to Gay & Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments with Couple of Men:

But why organizing and competing in a Gay and Lesbian Tournament? First of all, being LGBTQ+ remains illegal in more than 70 countries in the world. Gay, lesbian, and transgender people have to stay hidden their whole life not able to enjoy any open-minded and free lifestyle, not to imagine an LGBTQ+ event. But even coming from a country, where being homo- or transsexual is allowed often comes along with discrimination, in and outside the community including qualifying standards. Thus, the majority of our society will never be able to participate in the Olympic Games, the European Championships or an international Volleyball League, for example. The sports events, officially announced to be an LGBTQ+ event, trying to guarantee to be open to all who wish to participate, promoting sexual diversity, featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) athletes and artists. And another thing is of importance: Everyone can join since there are no qualifying standards.

Gay Travel Gay Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments: We are planning to publish here on a regular base news about Gay & Lesbian Volleyball Tournaments, info about the events we will attend, and photos of the competitions including our city trips. If you have any questions for your plans joining or visiting a gay and lesbian sports event, send us an email and/or follow us and drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. See you around the world with a Volleyball in your hands!


Karl & Daan.

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