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Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland ©

A Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki

A Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland – Helsinki, the Finnish capital is one of those destinations everyone should have on their Top 3 travel bucket list. Kept as a secret, the citizens of Helsinki are more than proud to live in their wonderful nature connected city.

Recently, the whole country has been elected to be the world’s most socially progressive country. The gay couple can proudly confirm that after their peacefully summertime gay travel trip to Helsinki. Museums, architecture, food, nature and even an own theme park right in the center has been part of the itinerary for a long Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki.

Hotel Aallonkoti | Löyly Sauna | Tom of Finland | Restaurant Naughty Burgers | Theme park Linnanmäki | Restaurant Linnankellari | INSIDEOUT Escape Games | Spårakoff Pub Tram

Helsinki – the best-kept secret in the world

Staying in Helsinki during Midsummer showed us again how fruitful and mind opening traveling can be, especially in the Finnish capital. The city of Helsinki feels safe, free and in balance with nature. On the lookout for a place not far from Western Europe with tolerable warm summer temperatures? Our new place to be to recharge our batteries: Helsinki. More information from the Helsinki Tourism information >

How to get to Helsinki and around

Helsinki is internationally connected by the Airport Helsinki-Vantaa approximately 15 km north of Helsinki. Get your train ticket in the arrival hall, downstairs on the platform or even inside the train and take one of the two lines (P or L Line) for a 30 minutes ride right into the heart of the city to one of the beautiful landmarks of the capital, the Helsinki Helsingfors Central Railway Station. Once you are in town, you can choose between a well-organized public transport system of nostalgic trams and busses. Or do what we did and discover the beauty of the city by bike. Find here the network overview > One Tip for the bikers: the bike ways are sometimes on the same side of the road, suddenly on the sidewalk or simply merge with the street. So be careful, pay attention and enjoy the summer breeze. Sidenote: Helsinki is closely connected to Tallinn, the capital Estonia by ferry. Duration: approximately 3-4 hours one way.

Gay-friendly Apartment Hotel Aallonkoti

Just a 10 minutes walk from Helsinki Helsingfors you find the Apartment Hotel Aallonkoti in Helsinki. The modern building, the bright Finnish design interior and the perfectly equipped Apartment kitchen (including a dishwasher and a washing machine) made our stay very comfortable. Breakfast on the balcony with a view over the Finlandia Hall says actually everything you need to know. The staff was very helpfully and courteous providing the right answer for all our questions. Check for the best Aallonkoti offers >



Those two tote bags are made by Uniikki kangaskassit. The owner Tomi is creating and printing his bags by hand in an ethically and environmentally friendly way. He has a big variety of cool (gay minded) prints. Additional to that, he is a great Helsinki guide. Visit his shop and ask everything you need to know about Helsinki. More here on Uniikki Kangaskassit.


LÖYLY – Design meets Sauna Tradition

A visit to Finland wouldn’t be perfect without sweating in a Finnish Sauna, at least once. Next to all the public saunas all around the city, in May 2016 Helsinki got a new design-attraction: the “design-sauna-experience” LÖYLY. And of course, we as sauna fans were excited to start our Saturday morning there with a 2 hours stop on the peninsula Hernesaari in the southeastern part of Helsinki. This relaxing hot spot with several saunas like a traditional smoke sauna and a wood-burning sauna is completely heated by firewood. Especially the morning hours are less busy and a great way to start a Gay City Weekend Helsinki. After all the sweating we cooled down by swimming in the open water of the Gulf of Finland and enjoyed the view over the bay.



Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland ©

Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland


Our favorite spot: on top of the wooden design architecture. If you wanna do it like the Finnish do: order an original Finnish long drink (Gin and Grapefruit) and you will understand why the Finnish people love their sauna tradition. Tip: don’t forget to make a reservation well in advance! More information about hot Sauna fun >


Selfmade Breakfast with #HELEATS

Our plan was to have a self-made breakfast on our balcony after this slowdown morning experience. If you need inspiration and the best local grocery stores, cafés, and restaurant, we can recommend the hashtag #heleats on Instagram or visit the website This is THE food guide for a weekend in Helsinki with tips, ideas, and local secrets to give an answer to the question: why everything in Helsinki and Finland tastes so incredibly good. Two hours at Löyly Sauna, the delicious food, self-made fresh coffee and a view over the Finlandia Hall – you cannot start any better in your Helsinki Trip. More information about What Helsinki eats >


TOM OF FINLAND – The Pleasure of Play

Having the agony of choice to visit one of the uncountable museums during our Gay City Weekend Helsinki, we decided to see the art of an extraordinary Finnish gay icon, Touko Valio Laaksonen – Tom of Finland. Born in 1920, his provoking pornographic illustrations were a revolution and he was the first artist who gave gay men strong and dominant shapes while showing their love and sexual attraction towards each other on the same time. Named as the “most influential creator of gay pornographic images” by the cultural historian Joseph W. Slade, he produced over 3.500 illustrations of very tight dressed, half nude or nude men with remarkable XXL sized dicks and a distinctive shape of body and face. Well, we are fans of this revolutionist and we were very happy being able to visit the exhibition “Tom of Finland – The Pleasure of Play” at Kunsthalle Helsinki. More than 180 drawings spanning six decades of Laaksonen’s life and work in one exhibition. Take your chance to see this most comprehensive exhibition to date during your Helsinki visit and be sure to get your hands on their hunky souvenirs. More information about the Tom of Finland exhibition >

And don’t forget to mark 24th February 2017 red in your calender. It is the release day of the new Tom of Finland Movie in cinemas. Click here to watch the newest Tom of Finland  Movie Trailer >


Naughty Burgers for Lunch

A tip for a good lunch are the delicious burgers and fried potatoes at Helsinki Naughty BRGR right in the center. We just needed to bike for around 10 minutes from the Helsinki Helsingfors Central Railway Station in southwestern direction. After grabbing a beer and a lemonade, a burger, salad, and fried potatoes, we biked to the waterside to enjoy our food with a Finnish view. Naughty Brgr is a great stop for a tasty snack, lunch or even dinner. More information about all Naughty Brgr >


Theme Park LINNANMÄKI Helsinki

Themepark?! Where?!!! After enjoying our lunch we went to Linnanmäki, the Finish capital theme park on top of the city’s “castle hill”. This old school park of adventures opened in 1950 and has since been a public hit. With its 40 funfair-like attractions this small theme park gives you definitely a few hours of fun. Especially if you like crazy rollercoasters you should visit while the park offers some very special tracks that you won’t find anywhere else in the world like the Mack Rides E-Motion coaster “Tullireki” or the Premier Rides Liquid coaster “Vonkaputous”.


Linnanmäki’s biggest gem is the still very popular wooden roller coaster “Vuoristorata” built in 1951. This wooden classic still makes use of a brakeman (yes, a man who rides along and uses the brakes manually where necessary) which must be one of the coolest jobs in the world, at least for Daan.

A special tip for everyone searching for a great view over the city Helsinki might wanna take a ride on Linnanmäki’s Ferry wheel. You can buy separate single tickets for the rides of your choice but we had a wristband that allowed us to ride everything as many times as we wanted to. Enjoy the rides, the atmosphere and the view at Linnanmäki! More information about Helsinki’s Themepark fairytale >

Dinner at LINNANKELLARI Restaurant

Escape the ordinary when having dinner in a former prison. It was an experience with a twist as the restaurant in the basement of the red brick building was a former county prison and pre-trial detention centre. The oldest and first parts of the complex date back to 1837/1888 and till 2002 the prison was still in use. The building re-opened in 2007 as Hotel Katajanokka with The Linnankellari restaurant. If you ask, the staff will be happy to show you some of the original prison cells including on of the first collective prison cells that is part of the rare lit basement. The food was very delicious. Karl has to admit, that he ate here one of the best burgers in town. Combined with a original Finnish Gin Tonic (served with a rosemary branch and cranberries) it made our dinner here in jail to a very special and tasteful experience. More information about the prison dinner >


INSIDEOUT Escape Games Helsinki

With our Volleyball friends and our new friend and tour guide Tomi from Uniikki Kangaskassit we went for an escape room at InsideOut Escape. It was our turn to go “Behind the freaky circus show” where we had to solve the mysteries of a strange circus family and the disappearance of some of their guests. The room was highly decorated and gave us the freaky chills. We got out but just in time. After we’ve seen a lot of different escape rooms on our travels we are always curious and excited when a company tries to give a twist to the escape room concept. With an actor, graphic designer and psychologist as the creators of InsideOut Escape we expected maybe a bit to much from the combination of theatre, entertainment, and science but the girls are on a good way to become a big Finnish attraction.  More information about InsideOut Escape Rooms >


Helsinki Pub Tram SPÅRAKOFF

Time for the evening planning and a first (or second) drink to start a great night out. How about a historical tour through Helsinki with drinks, funny people and without the stress of driving and not being able to drink? The Spårakoff Pub Tram combines all these conveniences with a piece of uniqueness. Or did you ever made a city tour in a former HM-V type Tram that’s transformed into a bar?  The Pub Tram departs right around the east exit of the central station. Be early enough at the Tram Stop since especially during Summer time you might have to take the next tour one hour later because of all the buzz. More information about the Pub on rails Helsinki >

Gay Bars, Clubs & Cafés in Helsinki

The majority of the Finish people is gay-friendly. And so is the whole country. The integration of the LGBTIQA-life (style) in nowadays society was successful although there is of course always space for improvement. Walking hand in hand through the city was appropriate at any moment during our stay. We were able to experience this open-minded way of life while Helsinki Pride 2016. But together with our local friend Tomi from Uniikki Kangaskassit (our favorite Helsinki bags), we spotted some nice gay (friendly) places around the city. We hope you will find your favorite locality of the gay community for your own trip:

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Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland

Helsinki felt like home. It’s relaxed atmosphere but hip city vibe gave us the perfect balance for a weekend trip up North. Like a lot of other more famous cities Helsinki has so many more sides to explore. It is interesting how some cities can remain a bit of a secret where other cities are flooded with tourist every day. We will definitely come back during winter to sense the big difference between long lasting summer days and never ending cold romantic nights. Maybe we just keep Helsinki our small Northern secret.

Karl & Daan.

Thank you Visit Helsinki, Finnair, gay-friendly Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments and Think Tinker and the wonderful locals of Helsinki for making this incredible trip possible. Nevertheless, our opinion and our writings are our own, as always.

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