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Gay Pride

Our 18 Romantic Valentine’s Day Kisses on Instagram

Love, our world needs more love. For us, Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the best day to remember how important it is to show your love to the people you hold most dear. It is about love for another human being and to accept, to respect and to embrace its uniqueness. We are happy to share some of our gay love moments from our travels with you on a day that is made for love, romance and time together. If you don’t have a present for your girlfriend, boyfriend or simply the person you love, just give him or her a kiss. In our eyes, a love-kiss is the best way of sharing affection to someone on the most intimate way. Why cannot be every day as full of love as Valentine’s Day? Our plan for 2017: bring equal love to the world and celebrate it every possible moment. See you around the world and don’t forget to travel with us on Instagram #coupleofmen. Enjoy our Valentine’s Day Gay Kisses #lovewins ❤️

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Our List of the Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks in 2021

Pure LGBTQ+ Winter Fun worldwide when participating in the Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks in Europe, North America, and New Zeeland. It is time for some gay-friendly snow fun in the Alps, Rocky Mountains, Pyrenees, and Norway together with other LGBT Winter Sports fans from all over the world. You may think, why a gay party now also in the snow. But, why not?! LGBT people are not fully accepted in every small mountain ski areas and resorts. But during a Gay Snow Event, homosexual locals and travels get the opportunity to enjoy Ski and Snowboard fun in the snow with a great time of the ski pistes, with a low chance of homophobic aggression.

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7 Highlights: #rediscover Gay-friendly Salzburg

AUSTRIA: This year’s visit was somewhat special to us. We were able to rediscover our love for the city of Salzburg, meet old friends from our first trip and get to know a few completely new sides of the Austrian Sound of Music City. For example, did you know that there is a Red Bull aircraft museum in Salzburg? That a CSD Salzburg Pride has been organized every year since 2010? Or that somewhere in Hellbrunn Castle you can marvel at a ‘real’ unicorn? Join us on our second, exciting journey to Salzburg for Couple of Men and we are sure we found a few new reasons for you to rediscover Gay Salzburg (again) soon!

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Coming Out – Karl’s Journey out of his East German Closet

Coming Out – Karl’s story of finding his true self. Today, I am 36 years old living together with the man of my life and our tomcat in Amsterdam. I am having a rainbow family with two children together with three wonderful human beings. My parents are proud of who I am, they love and appreciate my partner and support me in anything I am doing. I have a gay brother whom I love very much. And I can see a lot of this wonderful world while supporting LGBTQ+ that are not as blessed as I am with love. But it wasn’t always like that.

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Baltic Pride Tallinn: Powerful Photos of LGBTQ+ in Estonia

Our Baltic Pride 2017 Tallinn Best Powerful LGBTQ Photos – From Soviet Suppression to Powerful Diversity in 2017, or, why do we still need a Baltic Gay Pride Parade in Europe? If you are really thinking that is an appropriate question in 2017, you are right, at least in the first place. But let us tell you, not every LGBTQ+ person living in a European country has the privilege to live a free, out-of-the-closet life like gays lesbians, queer, bi- or transexuals in Amsterdam, London or Madrid not even imagining the right for equal marriage like recently in Germany. Queer people living in the Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, for instance, are facing homophobic threats every day. They desperately want to be who they are, living a life they want to live, being able to love who they want to. Therefore, this year’s Baltic Pride under the motto “United” took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Celebrating its 9th edition, Tallinn Pride 2017 was the first Gay Pride Parade in 10 years since it was stopped because members of the LGBTQ+ community has been pelted with eggs, tomatoes and has been physically attacked and beaten up by counter-demonstrators during the parade in 2007. However, Karl and his best friend Sven traveled to Tallinn to support the Baltic Pride Gay Parade, to talk to the LGBTQ+ community and get a feeling how it is to gay travel to Tallinn and Estonia. And let us tell you already right now, the Tallinn Gay Pride Parade 2017 was a great success and exceeded all expectations of the organizers, the over 1800 participants and us gay travelers from Amsterdam. Enjoy our best rainbow photos, videos, and LGBT stories of the Baltic Pride 2017 and see the rainbow colored Tallinn Pride Parade & Festival through a couple of men’s eyes.

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Important LGBTQ+ Activists of the Queer Community

These 10 people have made history for the LGBTQ+ Movement. The path in the right direction always starts with a first step usually taken by very brave people who disagree with the given circumstances. The fight of the LGBTQ+ community for equality, tolerance, and acceptance on the numerous Gay Pride parades and demonstrations began with a small step. However, there have been many lesbian, gay, transgender and queer people who have taken this first step, helping to make the LGBTQ+ movement what it is today. That’s why in this article on Couple of Men, we’ll introduce you to 10 LGBTQ+ activists who have made significant contributions to the progress of the LGBTQ+ history. All in their own special and personal way.

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Castro Street Fair: Photos of the LGBTQ+ Event in San Francisco

Our Photo Story Castro Street Fair San Francisco. The city of the Golden Gate Bridge was a truly inspiring place on the Pacific West Coast. During our first gay travels to the South West Part of the USA, we spent almost a week in the beginning of October in San Francisco, one of our favorite cities of the United States of America. It was a perfect pick of date since it was the right weekend to attend the 43rd edition of the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco. Rainbow flags all over the neighborhood, colorful street decorations around Castro Theater, and motley dressed people of all genders celebrating unity, equality, and freedom in the streets of the Castro District in San Francisco. No wonder that the Castro Street Fair got a spot in our 13 Top Highlights of our Road Trip South West USA! Enjoy our pictures “Photo Story of Castro Street Fair 2016” founded in 1974 by Harvey Milk and get inspired for your trip to the Bay City in California. Join us now on our trip to Pride and Rainbows in San Francisco and see the great alternative Gay Pride through a couple of men’s eyes.

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Our List of the Best LGBTQ+ & Gay Travel Bloggers in 2021

Top list of the best LGBTQ* and gay travel bloggers for 2021 – You have no idea where to go on vacation this year? You want to know in which country you can hold hands and enjoy the best time of the year? You want to be up-to-date about the newest events, hidden gems, and hot spots of the LGBTQ+ and gay community? Finally: You need to get inspired which places around the globe are safe, LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly? Knowing about the colorful and sometimes very difficult history of the LGBTQ+ community and equal rights movement, we want to make it easier for you!

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Pride Amsterdam 2021: Program, Highlights, Tips

Plan your gay travels for Amsterdam Canal Gay Pride Program Highlights Tips with coupleofmen.com! – It is time to prepare for the colorful gay pride parade in Amsterdam the year after Euro Pride under this year’s motto ‘This Is My Pride’ and this is your Pride! The canal parade as the highlight of the annually LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations is well known all around the world for its extravagant dressed canal boats, spectacular glitter-dance performances, and a special gay-friendly cultural Pride program. Although the parade is the highlight of Amsterdam Pride, there are far more events and celebrations planned in 2019.

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Benidorm LGBTQ+ Pride: Best of Spanish Gay Rainbow Carnival

What a wonderful surprise to get the invitation to attending the colorful Gay Pride in Benidorm. As the last Gay Pride Event of the European Pride Agenda, the colorful LGBTQ+ festival takes place in the beginning of September. Nothing better to combine a late Summer beach holiday with a Pride event in the South East of Spain between Valencia and Alicante.

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