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Pure adrenaline! SkyDiving in Namibia over the Dessert in Africa

Pure adrenaline! SkyDiving in Namibia over the Dessert in Africa

Our bucket list adventure, Skydiving in Namibia. We live in a world and time when a lot of us have enough things at home. So, instead of gifting another fancy bottle of wine or a set of decorative candles, why not gift a gay-friendly experience? A voucher for one of the Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes gives you the freedom to choose from hundreds of jaw-dropping, knee-weakening, or mouth-watering experiences all around the world.

Also, it might be one of the easiest gifts to give, but you can be sure that your best LGBTQ+ friend, sister, husband, or lover will be able to choose their favorite experience which they will remember for the rest of their lives… We used our Ultimate collection gift box for a thrilling tandem skydiving adventure over the Namibian desert in Southern Africa, but this was just one of the hundreds of adventures you can select from Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes website depending on which of the gift boxes you got as a present. And now enjoy the video of our gay-friendly Tinggly experience in Namibia and see what is possible with Tinggly through a Couple of Men‘s eyes!

Tandem SkyDive in Namibia

Our first big trip in 2019 was our gaycation to Southern Africa. Starting at the Namibian Atlantic coast, we boarded a train crossing the countries of Namibia and Southern Africa with Pretoria as the final destination. And of course, we made our final decision for our first Tinggly experience: A Tandem SkyDive in the Namibian Desert. Easily ordered by redeeming the voucher code of our Ultimate collection gift box from Tinggly, the team took care of the final arrangements. All we had to do was to wait for the pick-up service of Ground Rush Adventures at our hotel in Swapokmund, drive to their headquarters, fill in all forms, drive to the little airport in the middle of nowhere, get the safety instruction as well as the overall and harnesses, jump into the tiny plane painted with yellow and red flames and the rest is history. Enjoy our video of our Tandem SkyDive experience with Tinggly, and we cannot wait to read more about your adventures in the comments!

Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes

We gifted each other for our birthdays a Tinggly experience box with a voucher. A lot of the activities are also bookable for two, making it an excellent present for couples since you can experience the adventure together. But just be sure that you are also up for sky-diving, shark swimming, or bungee jumping before you choose the box you are gifting to your partner.  After checking out the Tinggly website where there is a great overview of all the experience boxes, we decided on an exceptional box with some of the most hair-raising adventures we would have never thought to experience.

Tinggly – ‘The Ultimate Collection’ gift box

After a good search on the Tinggly website, we chose the Ultimate collection gift box which offers the best experiences Tinggly has found all over the world. With a full five years to collect your experience and more than a hundred countries to choose from, you can be sure that you will find that one gay-friendly bucket list activity you always dreamed of doing. But with so many fantastic options it becomes also kind of difficult to choose! What about a Helicopter Flight over the Grand Canyon or a Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise for Two? Or should we go for Horseback Riding in the Tuscany Countryside or a Half-Day Zodiac Whale Watching Experience nearby Victoria in Canada?! We decided to go for an experience that is situated in a region of the world that we will visit in the near future. It’s all up to you! Click here for the Namibia SkyDive experience >

Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection – Tinggly Experience Gift Box

Tinggly – ‘Rainbow Wedding’ gift box

Additional to the Ultimate Collection gift box, Tinggly has more than 25 themed experience gift boxes to chose from. So, you can always pick the right box for the right person. Personally, we think it is pretty cool that Tinggly launched a ‘Rainbow Wedding’ gift box filled with gay-friendly activities that are perfect for LGBT newlyweds. So if you are invited to the next big gay wedding event of the year, and you are really not sure if they are into another Saint Angelo glass bowl, then check out the ‘Rainbow Wedding’ gift box on the Tinggly Website.

Rainbow Wedding - Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes
Rainbow Wedding – Tinggly Experience Gift Box

Tinggly – ‘3 Days in 100 Capitals’ gift box

Another great gift (which you might want to give to yourself) is the ‘3 Days in 100 Capitals’ gift box which includes a two-night getaway for two persons in one of the 500+ hotels over more than 100+ capitals. We think there is nothing better than to gift your friend some time off where they can relax and enjoy another adventurous surrounding. And if they happen to ask you along? Well, that is just a pure lucky coincidence! To which gay-friendly capital would you like to make a weekend city trip?

3 Days in 100 Capitals - Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes
3 Days in 100 Capitals – Tinggly Experience Gift Box

Good to know about Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes:

  1. Choose on the Tinggly website the experience box that fits your type of present and budget.
  2. You can choose to get your gift voucher delivered in a very nice designed experience box or via email, so you can print it out yourself if you require a present pronto!
  3. Some experiences are for one person only so make sure that when you gift a couple that they have enough options to choose from (or gift them two vouchers).

Karl & Daan.