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A Couple of Men.

We are Karl and Daan and this is our gay couple travel blog.
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A Gay Couple traveling South West USA 

– 24 days road trip –

It is going to be awesome, we know it already. Traveling along the west coast of the United States of America is a long-cherished dream coming true for both of us. Starting from San Francisco, we will take the California State Route 1 (also called Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Cabrillo Highway, Shoreline Highway, or Coast Highway) down via Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Malibu Beach to Los Angeles. Visiting the origin of worldwide Disney Parks in Anaheim and the Universal Studios in Hollywood, we will have time to explore Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. Depending on the bushfires in California, we will drive to Las Vegas afterward to see the Dollar craziness in real life.

And now our nature trips will start. After hiking in Zion National Park to Angels Landing and the world famous Narrows, we will explore the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our tour will continue towards Yosemite National Park (east of San Francisco) via Nevada with stops in Rachel, Area 51, Monolake and the ghost town Bodie. Hiking, exploring and travel photography for at least a week. These are our plans for this nature world.

Before flying back to Europe in Autumn, we spend some days with our twin friends in San Francisco visiting the Castro Street Fair, the origin of Gay Pride demonstrations all over the world and biking the Golden Gate Bridge. Traveling in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah in September will be, as we said, simply awesome! Are you around during that time? Let us know, we would love to meet you during our 24 days road trip West Coast of the United States of America.

Karl & Daan.