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NEW RELEASE! Tom of Finland Movie Trailer out now

NEW RELEASE! Tom of Finland Movie Trailer out now

Tom of Finland Movie Trailer – Most of us know Tom of Finland from sexy pornographic gay art of men in fetish gear posing or loving each other. But the story behind the Finnish artist Touko Valio Laaksonen is much more. Born in 1920, he started with his provocative drawings in a very difficult time around the second World War and later. But his art was meant to liberate. Joseph W. Slade, American author and cultural historian, named Touko Valio Laaksonen as the “most influential creator of gay images”. Laaksonen made over 3,500 of this new kind of visualization of gay men with a distinctive shape of body and face. For the first time ever, gay men were shown as strong and dominant humans, who are attracted to each other. We visited the exhibition “Tom of Finland – The Pleasure of Play” at the Kunsthalle Helsinki during our trip to Helsinki. Impressive pictures of a dark time. But what about the dangerous story of the gay artist?

Tom of Finland Movie Trailer in Cinema 2017

– In Finnish Cinema 24th February 2017
– In UK Cinemas on 24th June 2017 (at the Edinburgh International Film Festival)

From 24th February 2017 the Tom of Finland Movie will be in cinemas. These are some of our most favorite screenshots from the trailer:

Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki

This year, we traveled to the Finnish capital Helsinki during the Mid-Summer night, Euro Games, and Gay Pride Helsinki 2016. We had a blast. Helsinki is one of the most gay-friendly places in the world, an ideal place for a trip all year long. The Nordic atmosphere, delicious cuisine, art and architecture, and the overall environmentally friendly life concept are worth a trip. Do you want to know what you can do in the Finnish capital, Helsinki? Have a look at our article about a Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki >

Tom of Finland Package Good morning out of our Tom of Finland bed | Klaus K Hotel Helsinki Gay-friendly Tom of Finland Package ©

Sleep with Tom of Finland

Before we start with our review of the Klaus K Hotel Helsinki, we want to warn you, it is going to be a very erotic gay-friendly hotel article. Not only because of all the sexy and intimidating paintings by Touko Valio Laaksonen, much better known as Tom of Finland.

Hotel Review Klaus K Hotel Helsinki >

Tom of Finland – the Movie

Release date Tom of Finland Movie: 24th February 2017

New Official Trailer: Website Tom of Finland Movie

Made by: Helsinki-Filmi, Tom of Finland Foundation

Director: Dome Karukosken

A Movie about Gay Men, Love, War, Art and Fetish.

Our Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finnland ©

Gay Helsinki City Trip

Kept as a secret, the citizens of Helsinki are more than proud to live in their wonderful city closely connected to nature. Recently, Finland has been elected to be the world’s most socially progressive country, as it is also legalized gay marriage officially in spring 2017.

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