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Gay Travel Christmas Presents

Gay Travel Christmas Presents

Our Top 10 Gay Travel Christmas Gifts – It is time for the fourth edition of our annual list of top list of Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2021. In our last year’s list of gay travel presents, we found some great gifts like wooden bow ties and clothing made of eco materials that support our intentions for 2021 to find and promote sustainability in gay travel, an environmentally friendly restart of our travel plans. This year, we are focussing on gay travel gifts that you can buy or book online and are therefore great last-minute Christmas presents for 2021. And it is a great alternative to do that instead of going into the busy stores, especially now during these unprecedented times. We from Couple of Men wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas time with baking cookies, Christmas game nights, and happy evenings on Gay Christmas markets!

Top Gay Travel Christmas Gifts 2021

How time flies … And here we are again, the pre-Christmas time has finally arrived. For us, it is also the time to get the Christmas present sorted out for everyone. But instead of material things and overpriced gifts, we like to present nice moments and memorable experiences for next year, when hopefully everything normalizes again after this difficult time for everyone. The most important thing we wish for in 2021 is that our families stay safe, healthy and that we all come through this year to be able to make new gay Christmas memories next year again. Enjoy our selection of Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2021 and get inspired by our best Christmas gift ideas. Merry Christmas and happy giving!

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©
Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 ©

#1 Get inspired by gay travel stories

We have always a stable of travel magazines next to our sofa. Reading good gay travel stories is, besides writing them ourselves, the one thing we love to do to get inspired for our next adventures. Our favorite magazines are the Swiss-German magazine Mannschaft, the German Spartacus Traveler, and the British magazine Attitude. Did you know, that Karl is writing a bi-monthly travel column for Mannschaft magazine? Anyway, we think, magazine subscriptions are perfect gay travel Christmas presents for 2021!


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#2 Plan a romantic getaway

Traveling wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list for this year, or at least, only for a couple of months in summer. But one idea to support travel – not only – LGBTQ+ travel business in these challenging times are bookings and vouchers for next year and later when traveling will be possible again. Many accommodations, for example, are offering very flexible cancellation policies as well as attractive voucher discounts. Because, a good hotel or gay-friendly accommodation, in general, is half the trip. Check all our Gay-friendly hotel reviews to find the right one for you! If you want to support our blog, please use the following links below to find and book your stay! Thanks!
Hotels auf TripAdvisor | Hotels auf

Gay-friendly The Vault Hotel Helsingborg - Bed Selfie ©
Gay-friendly The Vault Hotel Helsingborg – Bed Selfie ©

#3 Book your partner a surprise flight

You probably noticed it already: We are really big fans of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. One reason is, of course, their home airport Schiphol here in our hometown Amsterdam. The second part is, of course, their LGBT and gay-friendliness. Last year, we were able to team up with their company employee LGBTQ+ group to show you Amsterdam during Pride. Our Christmas tip: Secretly book a flight with KLM or upgrade the seat category. Good to know: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a very consumer friendly policy when it comes to cancellation and replanning a trip (also due to the pandemic).

If you want to support our blog, please use the following link to KLM to find some great offers! Special tips for German travelers: You can fly from 10 German airports with just one stop in Amsterdam to 160 (mostly direct) destinations around the world!


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#4 Movie nights at home & on the road with Philips

We are super excited to show you our newest travel gadget: the Picopix Max Beamer from Philips. But wait, did we call it a travel gadget? Yes! The smart and completely wireless Full HD Projector with an ultra-vivid picture is made for use anywhere, even outdoors, or while traveling thanks to Bluetooth and wifi support. The battery is meant to keep the Pico Pix Max running for more than three hours which is the perfect length for streaming a travel movie. If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you can also download the movie in your streaming service apps that are installed on the beamer Alternatively, you can just put in an SD card to connect via AirPlay or Screen Mirroring.

Order via Amazon in Germany/ NL | Amazon in the US

Good to know: Connecting it to Wi-Fi, to our Apple TV, and to our sound system as well to Netflix and other streaming apps went very smoothly. The HD quality is so much better compared to our previous one – even Stollie couldn’t stop following us on our newest travel video about Salzburg! And although traveling isn’t possible right now – keyword #staycation – we cannot wait to take it on our next journey outdoors and watch some of our favorite travel clips on the road.


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#5 Special gifts for Cat Lovers!

Christmas came early this year for our tomcat Stollie as we got gifted us some of our favorite cat-gadgets. Although our lovely cat is now wearing his full winter coat, we know that within the next months he will start shedding to make space for his spring outfit. Helping him groom is essential and that’s why we are super happy with the Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit. It contains every tool for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb, and a curved nail clipper to make sure Stollie gets the perfect pamper session now and then. We also received the Catit 2L Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain which has a Triple Action Filter inside to keep his water clean and fresh! Especially for such an old cat – Stollie is already 18 years old – as Stollie it is vital to make drinking water alluring, and it looks like he is happy with his new designer gadgets! Check them out on Amazon:

Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit: Amazon in the US
Catit 2L Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain: Amazon in DE/NL | Amazon in US


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#6 Get summer event tickets

We know, we know! It is just Christmas, but summer will come soon enough. And you know how much we love the late summer event in Austria, the Pink Lake festival, right? Well, most of the summer events have already their ticket sales online where you can get some pretty good early bird deals, especially over Christmas. The tickets for the Pink Lake Festival 2022 are, for example, already available. We think it is a great Gay Travel Christmas present 2021! Click here for the tickets >

Arm in Arm at the lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, South Austria ©
Arm in Arm at the lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, South Austria ©

#7 Become a child for a day (or more)

We love theme parks, and you know that, of course. Buying a ticket for your loved one is just a logical Christmas present idea! We have been to Universal Studios Hollywood this year as well as Disneyland. It was not our first time in the happiest places on earth in California and most definitely will not be our last one, for sure! Getting a ticket for your next trip to Paris, Anaheim, Florida, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, or Shanghai is the best childhood Christmas surprise there is!

Gay Travel Christmas Presents Universal Studios in Hollywood, California - USA ©
Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California – USA ©

#8 Upgrade your living room with a new sofa

Home is where the heart is … and our new sofas! As this year’s biggest Christmas present, we presented each other two new sofas and a leather stool by the Danish brand Sofacompany. But the decision-making wasn’t that easy, to be honest. They have so many gorgeous pieces of furniture to choose from. But in the end, this is our dream combination: the sofa Johan (with the fabric cover Elliot Army and Walnut Natural feet) and the leather stool No. 5 (leather Hampton Bronze). And guess who instantly claimed them all for himself?! Of course our lovely tomcat Stollie. Together with all our plants and wooden/golden decoration accessories, we couldn’t be happier with our new living room. Definitely, a great Christmas present idea, especially when you are searching for a gift together.


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#9 Get your FREE Christmas present

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about our photo collaboration with the German online photo print service MeinFoto. We teamed up with them for Christmas, offering every one of you a 30 Euro discount for canvas prints. If you order the 20x20cm or 30x20cm version, it is actually free! You just have to pay for transport costs. Why we choose to work with them and all about their sustainable work ethics, you can read now on our blog!

Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2019 Auf Urlaubsfotos drucken ©
Print your vacation photo on ©

#10 Gay Movies for romantic nights anywhere you go

Not that much into traveling and more into some romantic cuddling time at home? Every year, new great movies hit the market and become the perfect present for at home or during your gay travels, not only for visiting LGBTQ+ film festivals. Additional to our last year’s Gay Movie picks like the East-West German gay movie Westler (order in the US | order in DE/NL) from 1985, the UK gay movies Weekend (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 2011 and Alive & Kicking (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 1996, we added the movies Call me by your name (order in the US | order in the DE/ NL) and God’s Own Country (order in the US | order in the DE/ NL). Especially the least was definitely one of our cinema highlights in 2019. For more inspiration, check our gay movie collection on Amazon. If you are not into DVDs anymore (because you’re on a plane like us), you can, of course, stream some of them as well.

Find all Gay Movies on our Amazon Shopping Idea List >

Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2020 Gay Movies: Prefect Gay-Travel Christmas Present 2019 © Amazon
Gay Movies: Perfect Gay-Travel Christmas Presents 2021 © Amazon

Top 10 Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2021

We are constantly looking for more Christmas gift inspirations for LGBTQ+ travelers to extend our list. If you have any tips, feel free to drop us a line, a comment, or to send us a message. If you don’t have someone you can surprise this year, just treat yourself on Christmas with something nice, maybe even of our gay travel Christmas present list! We will start traveling again soon, but this year we will spend Christmas and New Years’ in Amsterdam. For 2021, we have already some exciting destinations on our gay travel bucket list 2021. More about it very soon on a couple of men.

Do you want to know more? Stay tuned … on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you in 2021 around the world!

Karl & Daan

Nagel ▪ Berlin

Friday 13th of December 2019

Hey Karl, habt Ihr eigentlich schon Sydney besucht ? Das interessiert mich besonders . Gruss Frank

Karl Krause

Wednesday 1st of January 2020

Hi Frank, leider waren wir noch nie in Australien. Ist aber ganz bestimmt auf der Liste zusammen mit New Zealand! Wo geht es bei dir als nächstes hin?