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Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden Saxony © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Couple Travel: Our City Weekend Dresden, Saxony | Germany

A Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden – Back to roots: the gay couple visiting Karl’s hometown feels always like a gay travel back in time. Not only because of the baroque beauty of Dresden’s architecture monuments like the Zwinger, Castle of Dresden or the uncountable art treasures in the Easter German City.

A small but lively gay community, many bars, cafés and restaurants and of course, the river Elbe creating this very special Italian city flair. Once a year Dresden turns into the gay capital of Saxony when thousands of LGBT’s and spectators walking all together for equality and human rights for everyone on CSD Dresden (Pride festival). From 16th of May on, KLM Airlines will connect Amsterdam and Dresden. A perfect chance to try the taste of a Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden.


Perfect Summer days in Dresden, capital of Saxony

The weather was simply amazing during our Gay Couple City Trip Dresden although it was during the heat period the last summer with unusually hot temperatures. We decided to make the best out of it with doing some cooling activities: sightseeing in cooling churches, a refreshing park walk and the museum of hygiene. Of hygiene?

1. How to travel to Dresden (from Amsterdam)?

Waiting is over: KLM connects Amsterdam and Dresden from 16th May on with direct flights about a little less than 1,5 hours. Give it a try, the prices are spectacular good! But don’t forget about further options for a trip in the East German Capital, to travel either way by train or plane or even by bus. The easiest way by train is an 8-hour connection via Berlin, Hannover or Frankfurt (a.M.).

Most of the time you need to change trains by Deutsche Bahn at least once or twice. For our summer break 2015, we choose the quickest way of traveling: With Lufthansa from Amsterdam to Frankfurt am Main taking the connecting flight to Dresden. All in all a 4-hour journey. Thank of the  comfortable direct connection to Dresden City Centre by city train, called S-Bahn. Departing underneath the airport your ways are really short with an amazing view over the city while riding the train.

Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden

Altmarkt looking at Drescen Castle

2. When is the perfect time for a Dresden visit?

When to go to Dresden? There is actually no season where you cannot go. I prefer the time in summer and winter. Why? The summer time in Dresden is full of divers, almost weekly celebrations and festivals in and around the city. And in winter time Dresden turns into a winter wonderland with Germany’s oldest Christmas Market since 1434, the “Dresden Striezelmarkt”.


Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden Saxony © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden


3. Where to stay in Dresden, or: does it matter?

There are plenty of hotels and hostels available in Dresden, that are well located with friendly and well educated working there. Most of the city is moreover in walking distance about 10-30  minutes from one end to the other of the city center area. My favorite areas to stay is the “Dresden Neustadt” (Newtown), which is the part north of the river “Elbe” cutting the city in 2 parts. If you prefer to stay close to the baroque architecture I can recommend a stay in one of the new hotels in the rebuilt houses in the Dresden Altstadt (old town) south the river Elbe. Our choice for our stay this time: the 5*-Swissôtel Dresden am Schloß in Dresden Altstadt. We truly can say, it was a good choice. Read more about our stay at our review of the 5*-Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss >>

Some of our favorite sights of Dresden

The Landmark of Dresden – Dresdner Frauenkirche.

I still remember the days when the Dresden city center around the new market looked like a battleground with mountains of stones.  Today the area “Neustädter Markt” shines in its original splendor with the Church of our Lady as its center. The restored and rebuilt square is today full of tourists, busy cafes and street performers surrounded by beautiful architecture and a lot of unique museums. This special atmosphere doesn’t give any apparent about its past during the time of isolation in the (east) German Democracy Republic. Go and have a look inside the rebuilt Church of our Lady, simply stunning. Our Tip: free entrance while normal opening hours


Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden:

The “Deutsches Hygiene Museum” (Engl. German Hygiene Museum) is only one of over 50 museums that Dresden has to offer and at the same time one of my favorite buildings of the city. It was built in 1912 as part of a program to educate and improve the hygiene of all inhabitants of Dresden. Although it was misappropriated by the Nazis for their racial ideology and propaganda, today it is a place to discover exhibitions about health, hygiene and traveling exhibitions concerning similar topics. During our Gay City Trip Dresden this summer we were able to visit the beautiful exhibition about friendship in all kinds of social and political relations: interesting, eye opening and cooling! 😉 Our tip: a ticket is valid for 2 days in a row. For the current Exhibition click here!


Park “Der Große Garten” (“Big Garden”) – The lung of Dresden.

Back in the heat of the late afternoon, we took a long walk through Dresden’s biggest Park, “Großer Garten”. The warm colors of the afternoon summer sun and a large number of dry, falling leaves created a very different atmosphere, more like the end of October instead of mid/end of August.  In the center of the park, we discovered a hidden treasure of the city: “das Palais im Großen Garten” (the Palais of the Big Garden), one of the architectural main pieces of the Saxon Baroque. Our Tip: visit the sculpture exhibition in ground floor of the Palais & take a trip round with miniature park train

Where to got for dinner in Dresden?

Well.. if there is anything you don’t have to worry about, it is food. You will find regional specialties in a mix with Italian, vegetarian, and international food, affordable and delicious. Just give the next restaurant a try. Here our 2 tips for some main areas with restaurants and bars in Dresden. Roughly seen you can divide Dresden into 2 big food places although there are plenty of hidden spots everywhere in the city.

My hidden vegetarian hot spot of Dresden – brennNessel.

A big variety of Schorle (because Saxon people like to mix their drinks), local beer and delicious, homemade vegetarian and vegan food, that’s the diverse menu of the restaurant brennNessel. I can highly recommend this little place a 10 min walk away from the famous Zwinger. TIP: Don’t forget to make a reservation!

In the „Dresden Neustadt“ (Engl. Newtown)…

you will find the most exotic restaurants and hip places to go like the Suppenbar, Burgermeister or similar restaurants. Our tip for a breakfast or a coffee is my favorite Café “Kalter Hund – Kaffee und Kuchen” at Louisenstraße 61 in 01099 Dresden. Delicious self-made cookies and cakes in a unique ambiance. I really love that place especially with the small and lovely dog Stefan! 😀

Or: DO IT LIKE A real Dresden Neustädter for dinner: buy a Döner (kebab) and a Saxon Beer and walk north to the Alaunpark where you can sit, laugh and eat with a big potpourri of people, cultures and ways of enjoying life.

Old Town part of Dresden – die Weiße Gasse.

This time, we met 2 of my best friends for some real homemade Italian pasta at Mamma Mia in the second nicest place to eat in Dresden (at least for me). Slightly more touristic but just simply with a more grown up audience, to the „Weiße Gasse“ (White street) and area around. We spent hours with beer, storytelling, and laughing. Doreen and Martin, you are always with me.

Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden Saxony © CoupleofMen.com

Meeting friends in Dresden for a good Weizen beer at “Weisse Gasse”


Dresden by Night – Movie Nights with spectacular views

Dresdner Filmnächte is Elbufer (“Movie nights at riverside Elbe”). Any evening plans while visiting Dresden? What about a movie night outside close to the riverside with the world famous Elbe panorama of the Dresden Altstadt in the background? Sounds unbelievable? Not at all! For me a must do every summer in Dresden: a movie or concert at the so-called “Dresdner Film- & Elbnächte”. A big screen, amazing view and a great selection of old and contemporary movies combined with the sound of Dresden at night. Unforgettable.

Is Dresden a gay-friendly city?

Let me try to explain it like this: Dresden is not the easiest place to be for the gay community. It is quite difficult for regular parties, local bars, and clubs to survive for a longer period. Although the small community is quite active and the annually pride for the size of the city quite successful, the inhabitants of Dresden are shy, conservative and afraid of unknown and new things reaching their city. But the gay community is alive and exceptions are possible of course! See here the places to go to find the gay guys on your Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden:

  • gay bar “Boys” at Alaunstraße 80, 01099 Dresden
  • gay café and bar “Valentino” at Jordan Straße 2, 01099 Dresden
  • gay leather club and bar “Bunker” at Prißnitzstraße 51, 01099 Dresden
  • gay sauna “Paradise” at Friedensstraße 45, 01097 Dresden
  • gay community with help and tips from locals “Gerede homo, bi & trans e.V.

Gay Pride Weekend in Dresden (CSD)

At least once a year the capital of Saxony transforms into a gay capital, when thousands of LGBT’s, families and friends walking together for equality, LGBT support and an open minded free way of living together in this beautiful city. This year, the Pride Weekend (CSD Wochenende) will take place from 27th to 29th of May as one of the first Pride celebrations in Germany. Even our gay travel buddies and friends, the twobadtourists visited the gay pride Dresden in 2014 and had a closer look at the small but active gay community of Dresden. Have a closer look at the gay travel blog article about a pride visit (local named CSD for Christopher Street Day) here: Click here for blog article Gay Dresden CSD by twobadtourists.

Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden

Our Gay Citytrip Dresden ended after 4 days with a beautiful time with friends, family and some gays of Dresden. I really do love my home city Dresden and although I am gay and we are a gay couple a trip to Dresden is not dangerous at all. Just be aware that most people lived more than 40 years isolated in a socialistic country where it was not easy at all for new things and information cross borders. Being gay is not new, but living it open and fearless is!

Enjoy Dresden!

Karl & Daan

January 24, 2016
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