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Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series

Now on YouTube: All Episodes of LGBTQ Drama “Queer Amsterdam!”

QUEER Amsterdam new LGBTQ Drama Series BNN – Nine times six minutes queer LGBTQ drama on YouTube! But what is this exploration to the queer universe of Amsterdam about? Heteros, homos, women, men, transgender, and bisexual people, to pigeonhole everyone is the most comfortable way to handle diversity, isn’t it? Or is it just the way to show, that actually no one really fits in?

The brand new Dutch LGBTQ Drama series tries to insinuate at exactly those weak points of our not always so gay-friendly society and to show these conflicts to a much broader audience outside the LGBTQ community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe and all around the world. Nothing is as easy as a “normality” tries to show. But what is normal in QUEER Amsterdam? And is it important to which gender I am falling in love with or is it the human being itself?


Watch all 9 episodes of QUEER Amsterdam! now on YouTube (with English subtitles):

Just click on the play button and enlarge the video and enjoy 45 minutes of beautifully made LGBTQ Drama!

A queer universe by BNN on Youtube

The LGBTQ drama series made by three young creatives coming out of the LGBT community will be available for everyone on Youtube from Wednesday, February 8th 2017 on the Youtube channel of Omroep BNN. You can watch all 9 episodes each 6 minutes long at once without waiting for the next episode still to be made. For all non-Dutch speakers, English subtitles are available. We very much enjoyed watching these characters, the well-known gay location in Amsterdam and all the beauty that our Dutch capital has to offer.

Meeting the Cast and Crew of QUEER Amsterdam at the official Launch Party

Before the short videos went online today, we had the chance to attend the official launch party the night before. Next to some beers, nice music and a mixed queer and colorful crowd, we could ask some questions to the cast and crew during the official launch party on Tuesday, February 7th. It was a fantastic evening. We could figuratively feel the Pride coming out of everyone who participated in the making process, fans and LGBTQ people of Amsterdam. Let’s make Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series a success!

Cast & Crew of QUEER Amsterdam!

Main Characters:

Sam – Stefanie van Leersum
Jesse – Milan Sekeris
Mira – Stacyian Jackson

Main Side Characters

Bram – Roel Dirven
Bel – Iris Vlutters
Sofie – Keja Klaasje Kwestro
Robin – Jackson Adney
Aynouk – Aynouk Tan
Rolando – Giorgi Rossi

Main Crew

Director – Bart Peters www.defilmbakker.com
Scenarist – Toby Chlosta
Executive producer – Dorien Rozing www.dorienrozing.com

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series:

Official Playlist of all 9 Episodes:  QUEER Amsterdam YouTube Channel

Official Facebook Account: Facebook.com/queeramsterdam/

Official Website BNN: www.bnn.nl/queer

More from Coupleofmen.com:

Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you around the world!

Karl & Daan

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series

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