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Filmfest homochrom 2018: Top 5 Gay Films

Filmfest homochrom 2018: Top 5 Gay Films

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur 5 Top Gay Films Homochrom Filmfest 2018 in the German cities Cologne and Dortmund. It’s October, the Oktoberfest in Munich is over, and the trees are turning all orange and red, while it’s getting cooler. It’s cinema time again, not only in Germany! We from Couple of Men had an inspiring talk with festival director Martin Wolkner about the program of the 8th Filmfest homochrom in Cologne and Dortmund in the western part of Germany. The LGBT film festival has quickly become the second-largest among a very active crowd of two dozens of queer film festivals all around Germany. (Then again Cologne is still the gayest city in Germany, isn’t it?) But homochrom has also been one of the up-and-coming festivals to look for rare film discoveries and gay movie surprises. The biggest one yet might be that the admission to all films is free in 2018. We wanted to know from Martin Wolkner which of the 2018 film selection are the best, sexiest or most dramatic movies showcasing love between two (gay) men. Which are the unmissable films of 2018?

Top 5 Gay Films 2018 by Couple of Men

With a concise program of 27 films – unfortunately, they had to cancel their short film competitions this year, in past years they had up to 60 movies altogether – you can expect only the strongest, most touching films of the year 2018 at Filmfestival homochrom. If you are a fan of movies about gay men and want to know the top movies of this year, we have a sweet list of 5 (and then some) of the best homosexual movies in 2018 selected by couple of men for the festival week in Cologne (October 16-21) and the long weekend in cozy Dortmund (October 25-28). For the LGBTQ+ film lovers among you, don’t miss to check the Roze Filmdagen, check our articles about the best Gay Movies 2018 at the Dutch Film Festival as well. „Film ab!“, as the Germans say, for your stay at this movie festival, show your pride, maybe give some love back, and have fun watching the 5 Top Gay Films Homochrom Filmfest 2018 in Germany!

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#1 A Kid Like Jake | USA

Surprise, so our list of the Best Gay Movies 2018 doesn’t really start with a gay movie. But the closing film „A Kid Like Jake“ stars one of the hottest and best-paid openly gay actors in the world: Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory”. He also produced the theatre adaptation by transgender director Silas Howard (“Transparent”). This German premiere, and second European screening is about five-year-old Jake, who likes to dress up at kindergarten and feels more comfortable as a princess. Well, actually it’s about his mother, played by four times Golden Globe winner Claire Danes (“Romeo + Julia”, “Homeland”) and his father (Parson), who try to find the right school for a genderqueer kid like Jake. Fortunately, he has a great kindergarten headmistress, played by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (“The Help”, “Hidden Figures”).

English original
Dates: 28th October 2018 – 20:30 Hours
Location: Schauburg, Dortmund


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#2 Sodom | Great Britain

Okay, the second film, „Sodom“, finally is as gay as it gets. German soap opera star Jo Weil („Verbotene Liebe“) stars in his first English-speaking lead role. He’s a retired pianist who rescues a young British man being handcuffed to a lamppost on his stag night out in Berlin. The football player doesn’t mind being taken home, stark naked as he is. He doesn’t mind being seduced by the older man, either, and doesn’t even feel like leaving afterwards. Though it’s a two-hander, this movie is anything but static. This chance encounters turning one-night stand is shifting throughout. While they also talk about their age difference and the difference in gay identities, you never quite know how it’ll turn out for the two guys. The chemistry of Weil and his co-star, Pip Brignall, is also quite a turn-on for audiences.

English original with German subtitles
Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 20th October 2018 – 20:55 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund: 27th October 2018 – 21:00 Hours


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#3 Evening Shadows | India

Already on our list of the Best Gay Movies 2018 for the European premiere at Roze Filmdagen, „Evening Shadows“ is now a German premiere at Filmfest homochrom. The Indian feature about smothering family ties and a solitary mother has already become one of the most popular gay movies of this festival season, being screened at 38 festivals and winning 6 awards. This beautiful and important film from India discusses the antisodomy law Sec 377, which after some back and forth has finally been repealed by India’s supreme court on September 6th. In a milieu of traditions and social morality, young gay Kartik comes out to his mother Vasudha in his traditional hometown in the South of India. Despite all challenges, love will prevail, as the verdict on Sec 377 proves. Filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan will attend the Cologne screening on his European festival tour this fall.

Hindi, with German subtitles
Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 17th October 2018 – 20:50 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund: 28th October 2018 – 15:30 Hours


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#4 Man in an Orange Shirt | Great Britain

Admittedly, the BBC production is actually a two-episode mini-series from 2017 and has been aired as the centerpiece of BBC Two’s Gay Britannia season. It has also been shown on Spanish streaming, on HBO in Poland and Rumania as well as Finnish and US TV. This will be a German and a festival premiere nonetheless. „Man in an Orange Shirt“ is written by novelist Patrick Gale on basis of his own family’s history and tells the story of two men in different eras. Michael meets painter Thomas during World War II, they fall in love, but Michael decides to marry a woman. Decades later, Flora (Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave)  gives an old cottage to her grandson, the handsome, young veterinarian Adam, who hires architect Steve for the renovation. Contrasting love in those eras and connecting them with a bitter-sweet family drama, this film about homosexuality will surely move its audiences.

English Original
Dates: 18th October 2018 – 21:00 Hours
Location: Schauburg in Dortmund


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#5 Tucked | Great Britain

Yes, another British film, and definitely of the best of 2018, „Tucked“ is starred by hip-hopper Jordan „Rizzle“ Stephens (featured in Olly Murs’ hit “Heart Skips a Beat” (2011) and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) as well as 83-year-old Derren Nesbitt who has also been in legendary “Victim” (1961), Britain‘s first gay movie to use the term „homosexual“. Nesbitt plays fabulously grumpy and defiant old drag-queen Jackie, who has just been diagnosed with cancer. He has to take 21-yo genderqueer newbie Faith (Stephens) under his wings at the drag bar, and let’s Faith stay at his flat when he finds out that Faith has been kicked out at home. The closing film for the Cologne leg of Filmfest homochrom will be attended by Derren Nesbitt and director/writer Jamie Patterson, who will celebrate his birthday on closing night. Melancholy and utterly charming, this film has the strength to win the audience award of Filmfest homochrom. Happy early birthday!

English Original
Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 21th October 2018 – 20:15 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund:  26th October 2018 – 20:45 Hours


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All you need to know about traveling for Film Festivals:


#Extra: Monument of Pride | Netherlands

Okay, we as Couple of Men are biased regarding this one, because we live in Amsterdam. But this documentary is not only a tribute to the Homomonument, the world’s first memorial for the lesbian and gay victims of persecution. „Monument of Pride“ also recounts the history of homosexuality in the Netherlands – which has not always been as liberal as it is now. To the contrary. And this had not only to do with the German criminal law Paragraph 175, which the Nazis brought to Holland but had already started in the 17th century. It’s important to learn about an aspect of history that is not dominated by a US perspective. That’s why this film was also selected for festivals in Sri Lanka, Chile, and Ecuador.

Dutch Original with English subtitles
Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 18th October 2018 – 17:40 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund: 26th October 2018 – 16:00 Hours

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Top Gay Films Homochrom Filmfest 2018 in Germany

Of course, there are many more gay films, lesbian and queer movies to check out during the LGBT homochrom film festival, our selections of the 5 gay films can give you a good overview of different genres and nationalities presenting their short movies, documentaries, and feature films in Cologne and Dortmund. Anyways, the festival in Cologne begins on 16th of October 2018 screening movies until the 21st of October 2018, 6 days in total. Just a couple of days later, the screening in Dortmund will begin from 25th October to 28th October 2018. For the whole program of the homochrom Filmfest 2018, check out the website of the festival and stay up-to-date on their social media. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the Top Gay Films Homochrom Filmfest 2018 in Germany.  See you hopefully next year again for the 9th edition of the LGBT Film festival!

Do you wanna know and see more of us gay couple travel bloggers? Stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! See you around in Germany, Europe and on one of our next gay pride trips around the world!

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