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Homochrom Filmfest 2018: Top Queer Films

Homochrom Filmfest 2018: Top Queer Films

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur 6 Top Queer Films 2018 Filmfest homochrom in the German cities Cologne and Dortmund. The leaves are turning orange and red, and autumn always means it‘s cinema time again in Germany! To give you the best of 2018 queer cinema, we from Couple of Men had an interesting chat with festival director Martin Wolkner about the program of the 8th Filmfest homochrom in Cologne and Dortmund. The queer film festival scene in Germany is second only to the USA (40+ festivals), and homochrom has become the second-largest among the 25 German festivals. But homochrom is also one of the up-and-coming festivals to watch for when they announce their program loaded with insider tips. You will always discover and be surprised by some rare and perfect world cinema which could also have been at the Berlinale or even has been. Yet the biggest surprise of the 8th Filmfest homochrom might be that admission is free to all films in 2018. We would like to give you some suggestions to help you navigate your festival experience. There are many very different queer topics in the 2018 selection, and we give you the 6 best, sexiest, most important or most dramatic movies showcasing bisexual, transgender, intersex, gay, and slightly straight stories.

Top 6 Queer Films ’18 by Couple of Men

If you are a fan of queer cinema, you might already have heard about some of the top movies of this year 2018. But there are also rare jewels you didn’t yet know you wanted to watch. Filmfest homochrom sports a rather concise programme of 27 movies. In past years they had up to 60 films, but unfortunately, they had to cancel their short film competitions this year. That only sharpened the feature selection. Therefore you can expect a really strong competition for the audience awards “Chromie” for best queer fiction and documentary feature. Only the most touching, most funny, stylish or dramatic queer cinema is part of the 2018 selection. We from Couple of Men try to make it easier for you to plan your perfect festival week in Cologne (October 16-21) or a nice long weekend in Dortmund (October 25-28). Showing extra special care for an exciting and extraordinary program, we hope you enjoy the free festival and give some lovin‘ back. Additional to our Gay Film and Lesbian Film lists, here are the 6 Top Queer Films 2018 Filmfest homochrom selected for the 8th edition!

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#1 Khejdi | India

Oh, boy or girl, this is a tough, yet ever so delicate cinematic experience! And fans from Britain and Turkey are already planning their trips to Cologne to see and meet Indian TV star Ashish Sharma at the international premiere of the opening film „Khejdi“. Beau Sharma has won a popular dance reality show in 2014, played God Ram in the series „Siya Ke Ram“ and the titular king in Sony TV’s magnum opus „Prithvi Vallabh“. So it came quite as a surprise to many that Ashish and his wife Archana Taide Sharma have written and produced a transgender or rather intersex film like „Khejdi“. Khejdi, played by Sharma to standing ovations in Mumbai, is being kept hidden from the world by her father, an ayurvedic doctor because she will catch a terrible disease outside. This beautifully filmed drama feels tender and innocent like an oriental folk or fairy tale but contains some brutal and shocking social criticism. Indians definitely know how to build up momentum in their stories, and this one dares to speak harsh realities. If this isn’t a must, what is?

Hindi original with German subtitles>
Weisshaus Kino in Cologne:
 16th October 2018 – 20:00 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund:
 25th October 2018 – 19:00 Hours

Click here for more about Khejdi >


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#2 Tucked | GB

Definitely one of the best queer movies of 2018, „Tucked“ is beautifully written, performed and shot. You will love discovering this film with hip-hopper Jordan „Rizzle“ Stephens (featured in Olly Murs’ hit “Heart Skips a Beat”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) as the nuanced and gentle fashionista Faith. It also stars Derren Nesbitt, who has been in legendary “Victim” (1961), the first British movie to use the term „homosexual“, and he plays the fabulously grumpy and defiant old drag-queen Jackie. Having just been diagnosed with cancer, Jackie takes young genderqueer Faith (Stephens) under his wings at the drag bar. When he finds out that Faith is homeless, he let’s Faith stay at his place—and they do each other well. Derren Nesbitt will even attend the German premiere in Cologne accompanied by director/writer Jamie Patterson, who will celebrate his birthday that night. Though „Tucked“ has only been seen at a few festivals in Los Angeles, Phoenix (Arizona) and Bologna so far, this melancholy and utterly charming drag/transgender dramedy is British cinema at its best.

English Original
Filmforum NRW in Cologne:
21th October 2018 – 20:15 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund:26th October 2018 – 20:45 Hours

Click here for more about Tucked >


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#3 A Deal with the Universe | GB

Also from Britain, this documentary by director Jason Barker, a transman, portrays his very personal journey of becoming a mother. He and his partner Tracy open up on a 7-year-long ordeal of becoming parents. Never bitter, dramatic as it may get, but always cheerful and uplifting, Jason’s spirit is infectious. You’ll get to learn a lot about transgender identity, gender politics, mastectomy, the trials and tribulations of artificial insemination, parenthood, and the love of life. You’ll get to feel and laugh with Jason and Tracy. He was a programmer for BFI Flare in London and is a pretty good performer or stand-up comedian. Though filmed on a 4:3 home-video camera, which might not be the most cinematic choice, this is an entertaining and intimate European doc which you will deeply appreciate.

English original

Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 19th October 2018 – 15:35 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund:27th October 2018 – 14:30 Hours

Click here for more about A Deal with the Universe >

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#4 A Kid Like Jake | USA

This German premiere, and second European screening is about five-year-old Jake, who likes to dress up at kindergarten and feels more comfortable as a princess. We‘ll never know whether Jake’s gay, transgender or just playful because this is not the point of the movie. This theatre adaption is all about his parents who try to find the right school for their genderqueer kid Jake. The closing film of the 8th Filmfest homochrom stars one of the best-paid openly gay actors in the world: Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory”, who also produced the film. So it’s no surprise that transgender director Silas Howard (“Transparent”) got to work with four times Golden Globe winner Claire Danes (“Romeo + Julia”, “Homeland”) and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (“The Help”, “Hidden Figures”).

English original

Dates: 28th October 2018 – 20:30 Hours

Location: Schauburg, Dortmund

Click here for more about A Kid like Jake >


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#5 I Hate New York | Spain

Coming straight from San Sébastian and an international premiere at Raindance in London, this German premiere will be attended by Spanish director Gustavo Sánchez. He traveled again and again to New York City for ten years (2007-2017) to portray four transgender artists, nightlife personalities and activists. Do we need to introduce the ever-fierce Amanda Lepore? Couple of Men don’t think so! And it’s interesting to get an insight into her life and that of club kid/electro-clash artist Sophia Lamar. Starting as 80s club kids, they’ve been friends for a long time and famously sued club Twilo for gender discrimination. But the film gets even stronger telling the story of transgender punk singer and artist Chloe Dzubilo, who died in 2011, and her queer partner T de Long. After last year’s doc „Queercore“, you’ll now get another aspect of queer underground music and activism.

English original with German subtitles

Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 17th October 2018 – 19:00 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund:28th October 2018 – 17:20 Hours

Click here for more about I hate New York >


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All you need to know about traveling for Film Festivals:


#6 The Deep Sky | USA

Can you only ever love one person at a time? The international premiere „The Deep Sky“ doesn’t think so. Cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw („Longhorn“, „Pushing Dead“) gives his sophomore work as a writer, director, and editor a distinct look and feel. A straight and biracial (oh, how we hate that word) couple considers opening their relationship. Though one of their rules is not to get emotionally involved with others, they both fall for a German woman. In interview-like interludes, Bradshaw lets his protagonists comment and philosophize on their relationship and what identity means for them. Luise Helm is a German actress, so there’s no fake American-German accent in this bisexual, polyamorous indie. Instead, it‘s a gorgeous looking, contemplating and a deeply romantic charmer with charming performances by Helm and the newcomers Sarah Rose Butler and Kelechi Nwadibia. Filmmaker Bradshaw has announced his attendance in Cologne.

English Original

Filmforum NRW in Cologne: 18th October 2018 – 19:10 Hours
Schauburg in Dortmund: 28th October 2018 – 11:00 Hours

Click here for more about The Deep Sky >

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Top Queer Films 2018 Filmfest homochrom in Germany

Of course, this is just a small selection of all the 27 gay films, lesbian and queer movies to check out during the Filmfest homochrom LGBT. But it can give you a good overview of different genres and nationalities presenting their films in Cologne and Dortmund in the Western part of Germany. In any case, the festival in Cologne begins on 16th of October 2018 screening LGBTQ+ films until the 21 October 2018, 6 days in total. A few days later, the film screening in Dortmund will begin from 25 October to 28 October 2018. Check out the whole program of the homochrom Filmfest 2018 on their website and stay up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the Top Queer Films 2018 Filmfest homochrom in Germany.  See you hopefully next year again for the 9th edition of the LGBT Film festival!

Do you wanna know and see more of us gay couple travel bloggers? Stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! See you around in Germany, Europe and on one of our next gay pride trips around the world!

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