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Top 10 Gay Christmas Presents 2023

Top 10 Gay Christmas Presents 2023

Our Top 10 Gay Travel Christmas presents – The time of love and light has come as we are coming closer and closer to the end of the year. But before we celebrate the new year, Christmas is here with self-made cookies, brushwood decorations and Christmas songs everywhere. That means it is time for Christmas shopping and surprise planning for all our loved ones! Every year again, we are hoping to find the right presents for our partners, friends, and family to surprise them during the holidays. We found some great gifts like wooden bow ties and eco-friendly clothing that supports our intentions for 2024 to find and promote sustainability in LGBTQ+ travel culture. Sometimes, it seems to become more and more difficult to find that special thing, from a small thank you for making a big long-term dream come true. As Gay Travel Bloggers, we love to find extraordinary things like souvenirs from around the world but also special travel presents we found in our home city Amsterdam. Enjoy our selection of Christmas presents and get inspired by a couple of men‘s best Christmas gift ideas. Couple of Men wishes you a wonderful Christmas time with baking cookies, game nights, and happy evenings on Gay Christmas markets!

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©
Gay Christmas Gift Ideas ©

#1 Romantic Christmas: Winter Trip Surprise

One of the best presents you can give to a gay traveler is a surprise trip of his travel bucket list. So did Karl two years ago when he planned a trip to the snow in Denmark. We all know Daan loves theme parks. In short, Karl booked a surprise trip to the Danish capital Copenhagen together with an all-inclusive one-day entrance ticket to Tivoli Gardens. This second oldest theme park in the world was covered with fresh snow and became the perfect Christmas surprise. It is the best spot in the world to get that good old winter wonderland feeling. Don’t miss the old wooden roller coaster with hunky brakeman riding along your coaster-wagon! Read more about our Trip to Winter Tivoli in Copenhagen >

Plan your surprise trip: Best Hotel Deals Copenhagen >Best Flight Deals Copenhagen >

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Surprise Trip to Copenhagen for Christmas ©

More Gay Travel Christmas Trip Ideas:

#2 Personalize your gift with Uncover Lab

How cool is it to give your travel-lover a leather journal, notebook or calendar with a special message? We found in Amsterdam the guys and girls from Uncover Lab who are specialized in personalizing your items with a text or/and design of your choice. We decided to enhance the beautiful Midori notebook and calendar with our logo but if you want, this team of graphic designers can create any design you want and use their awesome laser-burner to get the job done on a variety of gifts. You find their shop at the De Hallen Amsterdam or you can just order it online and they will ship your gifts worldwide. Website for Online Orders & Shops >


#3 Reflecting Travelers Backpack by Property of…

Living in Amsterdam, bikes are the most important means of transportation. Especially during the dark months from October to March, bikers are obligated to wear clearly visible items to avoid accidents. The Dutch company Property Of… “Makers of Fine Men’s Bags & Goods” found a great way to combine men fashion design and functionality.

We fell in love with the reflecting rainproof Mitch Backpack in army and navy made of fabric constructed with retro-reflective technology. The bags reflect light back to its source while it otherwise appears to be a non-reflective backpack. Next to bags, Property Of… offers in their stores a variety of gorgeous men products. Get your items in one of the stores in Amsterdam or Hamburg or order them online with worldwide shipping. Good to know for Christmas: your purchase will be shipped within 1 to 2 days in the Netherlands and Hamburg. Website & Stores

Buy our bags on Amazon: Green Mitch Backpack | Grey Blue Mitch Backpack

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Day & Night Photo: Reflecting Mitch Backpack by Property Of… ©

#4 Movie nights at home & on the road with Philips

We are super excited to show you our newest travel gadget: the Picopix Max Beamer from Philips. But wait, did we call it a travel gadget? Yes! The smart and completely wireless Full HD Projector with an ultra-vivid picture is made for use anywhere, even outdoors, or while traveling thanks to Bluetooth and wifi support. The battery is meant to keep the Pico Pix Max running for more than three hours which is the perfect length for streaming a travel movie. If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you can also download the movie in your streaming service apps that are installed on the beamer Alternatively, you can just put in an SD card to connect via AirPlay or Screen Mirroring.

Order via Amazon in Germany/ NL | Amazon in the US

Good to know: Connecting it to Wi-Fi, to our Apple TV, and to our sound system as well to Netflix and other streaming apps went very smoothly. The HD quality is so much better compared to our previous one – even Stollie couldn’t stop following us on our newest travel video about Salzburg! And although traveling isn’t possible right now – keyword #staycation – we cannot wait to take it on our next journey outdoors and watch some of our favorite travel clips on the road.

#5 Are escape rooms still fun?

Sometimes, it is easier than you think to bring someone into a totally different world. The trend of playing an Escape Room spread across the globe several years ago. But is it still fun to book a room and take your friends hostage for one hour? Absolutely! And it gives you a trip to a different world without actually travelling. Living in Amsterdam, we love to play the Escape Rooms by Sherlocked. After setting a new record (which was broken a week later) in “the Architect“, we played together with a bunch of handsome men, the new and very advanced Escape Room, the Vault. As one of the most challenging escape rooms in the world, we ALMOST cracked the safe! Surprise your queer friends and (chosen) family with an Escape Room adventure and enjoy one hour of excitement, adrenalin, and teamwork!

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Playing Escape Room “the Vault” by Sherlocked Amsterdam ©

#6 Gay Movies for romantic nights anywhere you go

During our travels, we visited several LGBTQ+ film festivals. Thereby, the Amsterdam LGBT Filmfestival Roze Filmdagen is one of our favorites. But for a little romantic time in between, for example in a plane, at a waiting area, during a rainy day spending in bed together, we recommend a (gay) movie as a wonderful Christmas gift idea. Our favorite picks: the East-West German gay movie “Westler” (order in the US | order in DE/NL) from 1985, the UK gay movies “Weekend” (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 2011 and “Alive & Kicking” (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 1996 as well as the all-time favorite “Billy Elliot” (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) are not to be missed in your gay movie collection. If you are not into DVDs anymore (because of your in a plane like us), you can, of course, stream some of them as well.

Find all Gay Movies on our Amazon Shopping Idea List >

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas 2018 ©
Get Real, Sommersturm, Aimée & Jaguar, Billy Eliot, Alive & Kicking, Weekend, Westler ©

#7 Personal Instagram Art for your personal lover

As you know, we love to share our travel experiences from all around the world on Instagram. The medium for great pictures is also the platform of choice for several artists and graphic designers showcasing the best pieces on their Instagram accounts. Some of them offer to create personalized art and portraits you can buy printed on shirts, mugs, travelers bags, and even bed sheets. Like the artist Beard Boy, who made these lovely fanart shirts you can find on the webshop of Society 6. A very special and personal Christmas present for 2018. Who doesn’t want to travel proudly with their own art on a weekender, mobile case, or shirt? Send us your photos and we will publish them on our blog and social media!

#8 Treat your loved one to a Wellness day

Wellness, Spa, Sauna – three words everyone loves to hear when it comes to free days and holidays. When we did our road trip to the central German highlands last January, we stayed in a Slumber Wine Barrel with a Sauna Barrel. Nothing better than to spend a whole day relaxed and without any mobile connection and get refreshed in real powder snow in between sauna sessions. Treat yourself and your loved one to a day full of nothing but sleeping, warmth and healthy food. As a perfect Christmas gift for gay travelers, we recommend booking a hotel with wellness area or a spa close to the hotel of your destination.

Slumber Wine Barrel Taufsteinhütte Central Germany ©
Daan the polar bear in fresh powder snow after Sauna ©

#9 Meggins for party, home and summer time

Be brave, be unboring… true to the motto of the Kapow Meggins, we discovered leggins for our trips this summer. Light-weight, easy to clean and very comfortable – leggings for men support the best parts of the gay traveler preparing the wearer for party or picture moments. For men who like to stand out and live loud, right? Website + Gift Cards

Order your Leggins here on Amazon >

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©
We have to admit: we love to wear leggings, sometimes ©

#10 Ideas for a Surprise Voucher for the next Trip

Last but not least, the very last minute present idea: a voucher. Yes, it sounds like the most boring present of this list thus, how to make this gift a very special one for a gay traveler this year? We took some time to think together how we would like to get surprised and we think that these ideas will get your men smiling: secretly booking a better gay-friendly hotel, upgrading the room to a suite, book late check-out or room service, upgrade the seat category in the plane, make a reservation for a romantic candlelight dinner at your destination or ask your gay travel blogger of trust for the most romantic selfie spot in town.

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©
Surprise Christmas Voucher ©

Our Top 10 Picks: Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas

We are always looking for more Christmas gift inspirations to extend our list. Do you have any tips? Feel free to drop us a line or to send us a message. If you don’t have someone you can surprise this year, just treat yourself on Christmas with something nice of this list! We will start traveling again in January when we attend the 26th edition of the Whistler Gay Ski Festival as our second Gay Ski Week in Canada. Maybe a surprise trip idea? Together with gay men from all over the world and the gay travel blogger Nomadicboys, we will show you West Canada and Vancouver through a couple of men’s eyes.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you in 2018 around the world!

Karl & Daan


Thursday 13th of December 2018

Awesome list, loved the wellness da..., who doesn't love a spa day!! :)


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

Lovely list. Property of...'s bags (After checking their page) is just UNREAL. Loveeed!

Thanks for the suggestions guys!