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Top 9 Christmas Presents for Gay Travelers 2018/19

Top 9 Christmas Presents for Gay Travelers 2018/19

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur Top 10 Gay Travel Christmas Presents 2018 – It is time for the second edition of our annual list of our top Gay Travel Christmas gifts. This year, we found some great gifts like wooden bow ties and clothing made of eco materials that support our intentions for 2019 to find and promote sustainability in gay travel. And, of course, some interesting ideas for your gay travel bucket list that are perfect Christmas presents as well. Did you ever think about celebrating a Gay Pride on a Celebrity Cruise ship? As Gay Travel Bloggers we love to find extraordinary things like souvenirs from around the world but also Gay Travel Christmas Presents from companies in and around our home city Amsterdam.

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 Best Gay Travel Christmas Gifts 2018

And although every year the wealth of Christmas offers can be overwhelming But we are convinced that besides the self-made Christmas cookies, the Christmas tree full of ornaments from all over the world, and the very special holiday moments together with friends and family on a Gay Christmas Market, the cherry on top your Christmas 2018 is to make a small or big dream come true. Enjoy our selection of Gay Travel Christmas Presents and get inspired by a couple of men‘s best Christmas gift ideas for 2018. Merry Christmas and happy giving!


Gay Travel Christmas Presents Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©

Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas ©


#1 tentree – Sustainable clothing

Tentree wants to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet and we think that is a great goal! The clothes from this Canadian company are made of a blend of sustainable fabrics such as hemp, modal and recycled polyester. Also, coconut buttons and cork trim help to make their items very environmental inspiring giving them a natural look. Oh, and talking about environmental friendliness: tentree also plants ten trees per every purchased item! With tree planting projects in Madagascar, Nepal, Canada and even the USA, tentree is impressively showing us how it is possible to become a well known successful and ecological progressive brand and that is very inspiring. We just love t-shirts, pants, jackets and travel items during our trips exploring nature during hiking and other outdoors activities. One of our goals for our gay travel year 2019 is to live and travel more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are certain tentree will become a regular companion for our future travel plans. Out tip for Christmas: Get one of their vouchers and surprise your loved one. Click here to check the tentree website >



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#2 Celebrity Cruises – Gay-friendly Holiday at Sea

A lot of our friends are asking us where to go this winter for a short sun-break. Since they might pick a destination that still has crappy weather, lately we like to suggest cruising! With 5 or more locations most of the time, a cruise is a perfect break from winter where you can experience so much in so little time without the hassle of driving or using the public transport. The fleet of the luxury cruise line Celebrity Cruises ships their guests all around the world. Gay Travelers who do not want to book a long haul flight can already experience a luxurious trip around Europe, have so many options to choose from! What about a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea docking at destinations like Barcelona, Malaga, Ibiza, Nice or Malta?! Even Iceland, the country of fire and ice is a destination the Celebrity Cruise ships go to. Check here for all European Cruises by Celebrity Cruises >



The company Celebrity Cruises has been awarded LGBTQ+ Friendly Travel Company of the year for 2016 and won the title of “Best Large Ship Cruise Line for LGBTQ+ Passengers” at the Cruise Awards for four years running. Additional to that, Celebrity Cruises announced that as of 2017 same-sex marriages performed onboard our ships by the Captain are legally recognized which makes a cruise a perfect honeymoon trip idea. And don’t miss the Pride event of the year: In 2019, Celebrity Cruise is organizing for the third time the biggest Pride Party at Sea on different cruise ships all around the world!


#3 Wooden Amsterdam – Wooden World Map

With being able to travel the world for the last three years, we were looking for a way to bring the world back into our home in Amsterdam. My Wooden World is a Dutch brand that creates beautiful world maps made from wood. Each piece has its own individual landscape of nerves, creating a world full of detail. Our wooden world map shows our travel journey from the last few years with some extra bucket list pinpoints placed at the destinations that are high on our list for the years to come! Click here for Wooden Amsterdam’s Christmas presents >














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#4 Growing Concepts – Erlenmeyer Biotoop

We love our house, especially when it’s filled with all kinds of greenery. But have you ever come back home after a trip, finding your plants half dead since your housesitter forgot to give your plants water or soaking them through and through? Growing Concepts has a great solution that, if you take a minute to place it, you never have to worry about again. Their jar terrariums are carefully put together, creating small ecosystems that need no external interference besides some indirect sunlight and love. They also ship worldwide using special packaging for making sure your precious cargo will arrive safe and sound. Click here for Growing Concepts Plants in a Bottle >


Growing Concepts: Perfect Gay Travel Christmas Present for Traveler © Karl Krause & Daan Colijn

Growing Concepts: Perfect Gay Travel Christmas Present for Traveler ©


#5 Wooden Amsterdam – Caps & Bow Ties

Yes, we do like caps and bow ties. Especially when they are as cool as our newest editions to our collection! Check out these caps from Two-o made from SFC certified wood or our lovely new Bewooden bow ties that came all the way from the Czech Republic. Wooden Amsterdam brings all these awesome (mostly Dutch) wooden products together in one online shop and the best thing is that they ship worldwide! Also, 1% of this family business’s total revenue is donated to Trees for all. Click here for Wooden Amsterdam Caps & Bow Ties >



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#6 The Property of… – Handy Weekender “Karl”

After putting the reflecting and rainproof Mitch Backpack by Property of… from Amsterdam on our last year’s gift list, we traveled with them the whole year around the world. They developed into our full-time companions during summer and winter time. The Dutch company Property Of… “Makers of Fine Men’s Bags & Goods” found a great way to combine men fashion design and functionality. Just one reason why we added another backpack to our travel gear, the black “Karl 48h Travel Backpack“. The size is perfect for a weekend trip or simply as a piece of bigger hand luggage. The advantage: you can open the back on the backside like a suitcase which makes packing and traveling with the Karl 48h Travel Backpack comfortable and very convenient. Next to bags, Property Of… offers in their stores a variety of gorgeous men products. Get your items in one of the stores in Amsterdam or Hamburg or order them online with worldwide shipping. Good to know for Christmas: your purchase will be shipped within 1 to 2 days in the Netherlands and Hamburg. Website & Stores

Buy our bags on Amazon: Black Karl 48h Travel BackpackGreen Mitch | Grey Blue Mitch


Gay Travel Christmas Presents Our Double Room on the 4th floor | Gay-friendly Design Hotel Le Méridien Vienna ©

City Trip Vienna with our black Karl 48h Travel Backpack  ©


#7 Beard Ornaments –  For sexy bearded Men

In our opinion, men are sexier with a beard than shaved. We even cannot remember when we shaved our beard the last time, but well, we are not thinking about it at the moment! Besides making a man more handsome, you can also use it to decorate yourself and dress up for Christmas celebrations and family events. Our tip: Go for colorful Beard Ornaments and hang them into your and your partners or your daddies beard for an extra special Christmas surprise! Check Amazon for delivery before Christmas!

Find Beard Ornaments: Beard Ornaments for US orders | Beard Ornaments for DE/ NL


Our Top 9 Gay Travel Christmas Presents for 2018 ©

Our Top 9 Gay Travel Christmas Presents for 2018 ©


#8 Gay Movies for romantic nights anywhere you go

We are thinking about to make our gay movies list a fixed part of annual Gay Travel Christmas Gifts. Every year new great movies hit the market and become the perfect present for at home or during your gay travels, not only for visiting LGBTQ+ film festivals. Additional to our last year’s Gay Movie picks like the East-West German gay movie “Westler” (order in the US | order in DE/NL) from 1985, the UK gay movies “Weekend” (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 2011 and “Alive & Kicking” (order in the US | order in DE/ NL) from 1996, we added the movies “Call me by your name” (order in the US | order in the DE/ NL) and “God’s Own Country” (order in the US | order in the DE/ NL). Especially the least was definitely one of our cinema highlights in 2018. For more inspiration, check our gay movie collection on Amazon. If you are not into DVDs anymore (because of your in a plane like us), you can, of course, stream some of them as well.

Find all Gay Movies on our Amazon Shopping Idea List >


Gay Movies: Prefect Gay-Travel Christmas Present 2018 © Amazon

Gay Movies: Prefect Gay-Travel Christmas Present 2018 © Amazon


#9 Ideas for a Surprise Voucher for the next Trip

Last but not least, the very last minute present idea: a voucher. Yes, it sounds like the most boring present of this list thus, how to make this gift a very special one for a gay traveler this year? We took some time to think together about how we would like to get surprised and we think that these ideas will get your men smiling: secretly booking a better gay-friendly hotel, upgrading the room to a suite, book late check-out or room service, secretly book a flight with KLM or upgrade the seat category, make a reservation for a romantic candlelight dinner at your destination or ask your gay travel blogger of trust for the most romantic selfie spot in town.


Gay Traveler Christmas Gift Ideas Gay Travel Christmas Presents ©

Surprise Voucher | Gay Travel Christmas Presents ©

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Top 9 Gay Travel Christmas Presents

We are always looking for more Christmas gift inspirations for LGBTQ+ traveler to extend our list. If you have any tips, feel free to drop us a line, a comment or to send us a message. If you don’t have someone you can surprise this year, just treat yourself on Christmas with something nice, maybe even of our gay travel Christmas present list! We will start traveling again soon maybe even again to Whistler Gay Ski Festival in Canada or another Gay Ski Week around the world. Maybe that’s a nice surprise trip idea for Christmas as well? But there are more destinations on our gay travel bucket list for 2019. More about it very soon on a couple of men.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you in 2019 around the world!

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