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‘Travesty for Germany’ fights Homo Cure

‘Travesty for Germany’ fights Homo Cure

With a poster campaign, the travesty artists of the group ‘Travestie für Deutschland (TFD)’ protest against the so-called ‘Homo Cure’. Seven posters with well-known Berlin travesty artists and drag queens have been published on the Internet, sending a clear message, such as “Why fix what is not broken.” The impetus for the action was given by recent recommendations by Protestant Free Churches on homosexual persons to be treated on the basis of their sexual orientation. With its campaign of a protest poster campaign fighting Homo cure, the satirical group wants to draw attention to the conversion therapies that are still not forbidden in Germany. More about this here on Couple of Men.

by Sarah Tekath

Main Photo © Steven P. Carnarius

Drag Campaign fights Homo Cure

In early February 2019, the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported that evangelical Free Churches recommend ‘therapy’ to homosexuals. A guide to this had already been published in December 2018. With the support of the well-known travesty artists Amy Strong, Gaby Tupper, Jacky Oh-Weinhaus, Betty BücKse, Jurassica Parka, Jade Pearl Baker and Caine Panik, the satirical group Travestie for Germany (TFD) is now fighting online with its protest poster campaign against the so-called Conversion therapy also known as ‘Homo Cure’. Statements such as “homophobia is curable” and “love doesn’t need a cure” want to create the group’s attention for the fact that conversion therapies are still permissible in Germany.

“Demonstrably serious negative consequences”

On its Facebook page, TfD comments on its own poster campaign: “It’s 2019, and we still have to fight HOMO-CCURE?! Christian associations offer reparative therapies and use the minds and bodies of minors. These “treatments” are not only ineffective and unethical – where no disease, there is no cure – but have been shown to have serious negative consequences for human beings. The World Health Organization (WHO), the World Medical Association, and the #TfDd agree: Stop Homo Healers!”

Travesty for Germany “TfD” launched as art project against German right-wing party “AfD”

The fact that the design of the posters is reminiscent of the election posters of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) stems from the fact that TFD, as a fictional travesty and drag party, was launched in 2016 as an art protest campaign against the social shift to the right, especially in Germany. Before the 2017 German federal election, the group posted posters on the internet with statements such as “Frauke Petry I find doof. You will probably still be allowed to say that “or” If one of you chooses the AfD, I will break you. ” After the statements of the Evangelical Free Churches, TFD is now speaking up again and taking a stand against the so-called ‘Homo Healing’. Although the European Parliament had declared itself in favor of banning such measures in 2018, they continue to be practiced in Germany with impunity.

Photos: Travestie für Deutschland – Facebook
Source: | TfD – Facebook | Siegessäule | Tagesspiegel

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