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Winter Road Trip from Berlin to Spree Forest in Brandenburg East Germany

Winter Road Trip from Berlin to Spree Forest in Brandenburg East Germany

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]P[/edgtf_dropcaps]ure Nature around Neuendorfer Lake & Gruben Lake in East Germany on our Winter Road Trip Berlin Spree Forest Brandenburg. A perfect day trip or an ideal weekend off in East German Spree Forest in Brandenburg. The German capital is located in the eastern part of the Country surrounded by the state Brandenburg and a almost never ending nature region. Rivers, lakes and forest – especially in Winter this part of Germany is very calm, almost isolated and simply a wonderful place o relax and slow down.

We collected some peaceful Winter impressions of the world famous Spree Forest nature world just a one-hour drive South direction from Berlin or in North direction from Dresden. Where during Summer time nature lovers from all over the world enjoying the clean environment on canoeing and hiking tours around Lübbenau the city of punts and pickles, the gay couple spent a slow living Winter day far away from busy everyday life. Enjoy the Eastern Part of Germany through a couple of men’s eyes.

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Winter Road Trip Berlin Spree Forest Brandenburg ©

Winter Road Trip Berlin Spree Forest Brandenburg ©

A Winter Day at Spree Forest in Brandenburg

It was a quite spontaneous decision to go for a short weekend break to East Germany, south of Berlin. The nature environment peaceful, calm and without any bigger cities is simply perfect to recharge batteries while walking along frozen seasides and abounded campsites. The Winter arrived around here with up to minus 9 degrees during day time. Ice crystals on reeds and footprints in the scrunching snow.. what a beautiful day in the winter sun. During Winter time, the Spree Forest in Brandenburg, or so-called “Spreewald” in The German language, is laying in deep winter dormancy. We only found the numerous footprints of the animals and even from a wolf in the forests between Lübbenau and Werder along the branch streams of the main river Spree.

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Road Trip Music (Sound of Iceland)

A good road trip starts with good music. Driving though the Winter sun and a true Winter wonderland gets only better with the right sound.

Listen to our Spotify playlist with beautiful music and close your eyes for your own short trip to this mythical island or any other nature park.

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Where in Germany is Brandenburg & the Spree Forest?

We are sure about that some of you do not really know where this green spot on the map actually is. Well, let us explain a bit where the Spree Forest is and how you can reach it and plan a trip there. The Spree Forest is located in the South of Berlin as south-east part of the German State Brandenburg. It is quite a big nature area with thick pine forest mixed with wide, abounded lake landscapes. The river Spree, which is also running through the German capital Berlin, has its origin in this area. If you want to add some calm and fresh air days to a city trip Berlin, for example, take the train for 1 – 1,5 hours to the Spree Forest „capital“ Lübbenau and relax in the middle of nowhere. That’s how it feels on a weekend break in Spree Forest at least for us. The closest airport is Berlin Schönefeld in the south border to Berlin. Book a car to be flexible for a longer stay or the comfortable train of the DB by easy booking on the website. Berlin as the German capital and a German City State at the same time is surrounded by the state Brandenburg. A perfect match for a trip: spend some days in Berlin or even Dresden combined with a time in Spree Forest in Brandenburg.

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Wat to do in Spree Forest Brandenburg in Winter time?

There are plenty of options you can do in this East German part away from the busy everyday life. And to be honest: even if you do not really know what is the right choice for you: there are diverse activities you should take in consideration while planning before but also during your holiday itself. The Winter time of the year is also the time the whole countryside is falling into a deep hibernation. Farmhouses are closed, most of the lakes are frozen and even the wild animals taking the speed out of their life’s. Perfect for a weekend or a couple of days in total solitude and repose. Cosy Hotels and also bigger Wellness and Spa Resorts are offering perfect options to relax while having a day full of Sauna, Massages and good local food. In a good balance with long winter walks, animal and bird watching but also time to visit some of the local musea and castles to get to know more about the long tradition of the Spree Forest in Brandenburg, this is a great inside tip for an affordable but special trip in the normally grey and cold time of year.

Travel Plans for a Summer Break by the Spree

In Spring and early Summer time the countryside at Spreewald (german for Spree Forest) is starting to get awake. Farmhouses starting their annual service and people from all over the world are coming to the Spree Forest to enjoy and discover the nature canals, lakes and thick wood by bike on the famous biking way “Spreeradweg” or around the dozen of connected canals through the forest and over the fields by canoe, boat or cruises. We are looking forward to being here this Summer again to enjoy the freshness and cleanness of the air and water and the intense colors of the Spree Forest trees and plants. And of course, the fresh farmed and biological planted vegetables from the farm house next to the accommodation or Hotel. Our special tip: Try the famous Spree gherkins, the most delicious pickles worldwide!

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Winter Road Trip Berlin Spree Forest Brandenburg

It was only a short winter moment that made us hungry for more. More of this untouched nature, peaceful environment and good, healthy food. Any ideas where we can find more beautiful, delightful spots like in Spree Forest in Brandenburg we should see? Let us know! In the meanwhile enjoy our Road Trip Iceland posts, our Winter Road Trip from Frankfurt to Nature Park Hohe Vogelsberg and our gay travels all over the world.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in North Iceland!

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