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Restaurant Dertien Rotterdam

Restaurant “Dertien” in Rotterdam

The Restaurant Dertien Rotterdam is one of the hipper and interesting places the Dutch city has to offer. The Chef together with his young and motivated staff is offering special food and a variety of delicious drinks like local beers and wine.

The two-floor restaurant feels very open. The real fire oven (for cooking) and the old-fashioned way of “writing” the menu on the wall (by climbing up a ladder and putting small wooden cards on the wall) give the Restaurant Dertien Rotterdam a sense of craftsmanship with an eye for details.


Dinner at Restaurant “Dertien” in Rotterdam

Not far from the lively bar and restaurant district, the restaurant Dertien Rotterdam knows how to set an extraordinary period. Especially a good place for foodies who like a bit of an adventure and innovation, too. Take a seat at the bar next to the warming oven and talk to the guys. Don’t forget to ask about their particular way of preparing food by fermentation that gives the food a unique note of nature.


Say “hello” to the team of Bar Restaurant Dertien and enjoy the harbor city of Rotterdam.

Restaurant Dertien Rotterdam:

Bar & Restaurant Dertien
Schiedamse Vest 30, 3011 BA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Opening Hours: www.dertienrotterdam.nl

Contact: Tel.:+31 10 433 3969

Our special tip:
Take a seat upstairs. From the higher floor, you can enjoy watching the staff preparing your food, climbing up the ladder and setting up the menu!

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