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Everyone knows them because in the LGBTQ+ community they almost have a legendary status. The following people have actively campaigned for gay and lesbian equality fought for LGBTQ+ rights and, in a very special way, ensured that attention could be drawn to change the perception of the lesbian, gay, trans and queer lives. Additional to the well-known LGBTQ+ activists who had a significant impact on the LGBTQ+ history, gay icons dedicated parts of their lives and work to support a good cause, for example on gay pride events. We would like to introduce you to 12 of the most important

A Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen - Karl & Daan's Dutch City Tour brought the gay couple to the "capital of the North", especially for a visit at the Groninger Museum. Groningen with its compact and walkable old town surrounded by Grachten is very well known for its famous Groninger Museum. Currently with the V&A exhibition "David Bowie is", the popular student life and a creative art scene. We visited the capital of the Dutch province Groningen on our tour around the Netherlands after our weekend in Eindhoven. Join us on and see the Dutch City Groningen through a couple