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Gay Travel Prague Schwuler Reiseführer Prag Tschechien Gay Couple Travel Blogger Gay Couple City Weekend Prague © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Travel Prague: Our Gay Couple Spring City Weekend | Czechia

Spring in the Czechia (former Czech Republic) – Our Gay Couple City Weekend Prague. Undoubtedly, Prague for us is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Eastern Europe. Full of history with its Jewish cemetery, unique architecture like the conspicuous towers of St. Vitus Cathedral and beautiful nature along the River Vltava (Moldau), a city more gorgeous than Prague is really hard to find anywhere else in the world. Especially during spring, when all the flowers are awakening from the winter sleep, the Czech capital is a perfect destination for a city trip.

Prague is just a 1,5 hours flight away from Amsterdam (conveniently well connected with KLM Airlines) offering a diverse cultural program with a very special taste of the East European taste. Walks along the River Vltava (Moldau), incredible views from the Prague Castle, the Hanavský Pavilion and the huge Letná Park and surroundings, delicious, traditional food, Czech Beer and of course an Escape Room combined with a gay Volleyball tournament made our Gay Rainbow Spring Weekend Prague once again to a fantastic gay travel experience. Join us on our gay-friendly explorations around Prague in May and see the Czech capital through a couple of men‘s eyes with our Gay Travel Prague Guide!

Prague in May with Spring River View on Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Prague - Czech Republic © CoupleofMen.com

Prague in May with Spring River View | Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Prague – Czechia © CoupleofMen.com


Gay Travel Prague: A Rainbow Gay Spring Weekend

The Golden City, the Beauty of the river Vltava (Germ./Dutch: Moldau) or the baroque center of the Czechia, we can approve every name of that list. Prague offers especially in Springtime a rich diversity of cultural highlights, opportunities to be in innocent nature and a taste of a rainbow-colored gay Sports Volleyball event. But you need time and open eyes to not miss the small, hidden treasures sometimes just one stairway away. Where to stay in Prague is a relative question. Everything is walkable and very easy to reach if you don’t mind walking of course. We recommend to booking an accommodation in one of the central districts or around the Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle worldwide (which also means you have to walk a bit more because it is on the other side of the river). We decided to stay in the direct neighborhood to the Castle, what a good decision. Every evening we “had to” pass the world-famous Charles Bridge (germ Karls Brücke) with an amazing view over the Castle on top of the hill.


Lunch with a perfect view: Restaurant “Valoria”

Just a 5 min walk away from the castle we discovered in a small street the restaurant “Valoria”. A friendly girl guided us to an elevator to the upper floors of a Hostel. And there we found ourselves on top of the house on a beautiful rooftop terrace with an amazing view over the center of Prague. Don’t hesitate to try a traditional Czech meal. Delicious. Menu and more of the Valoria >



Staying in an Apartment near Prague Castle

We were very happy with our Apartment located just 5 minutes walking distance from Castle Prague in a historical area of the old town, protected by UNESCO. Run by a family, it provides conveniently equipped rooms and apartments in an old town building with an amazing view from the highest apartment, we stayed in. For only 10 Euro one way you can book a private pick-up service. Best prices on booking.com for accommodations near the Castle >



Film Museum of Illusionist Karl Zeman

You might think, we avoided the crowded city center area with the Karls Bridge. Well, no, we did not. Beautiful views, street artists, and very special Czech places are waiting at every corner. And so we felt into an incredible place for a trip back in time before animation and special effects were made digital. A location full of magic, trick, and illusions made by the almost unknown illusionists Karel Zeman. This almost forgotten filmmaker took us in his Special Effects Museum on a tour through the time of illusions. DO! How to do magic without a Mac >



Rainbow Spring Gay LGBT Volleyball Tournament

As some of you might already know, Karl is a sports freak, especially Volleyball is his passion. And so we combined our gay travel to Prague with his participation in the Rainbow Spring Gay Tournament with a team of his former Volleyball colleagues of Berlin. Every year in May the Pague Gay Sports Club Alcedo Praha invites sportive LGBT people from all over the world to celebrate a rainbow-colored sports competition. It is such a nice experience to meet all the friends, competitors or fans to talk, have fun and party in the evening. Do you wanna participate in one of the best LGBT Volleyball tournaments?  Check here all about Rainbow Spring Tournament >



City Tour for the best View over Prague

There is a place in Prague, where we actually didn’t want to leave anymore. So calm and perfect located with a stunning view over some of the most significant of the 180 bridges in Prague, that really created the feeling of being in The Golden City. But do you get the point of the best view over Prague? Take your way east from the Castle, through the East gate and over a small but very steep bridge. On the right-hand side will open up a Park with beautiful flowers, the greenhouse, and the Belvedere Garden with the Royal Summer Palais. Take a break and your time to take a deep spring breath while enjoying the view of the castle and the city. Keep on walking over a small bridge (over a street with tramway) and keep on walking in a right-hand direction and you will find the HanavskýPavilion at the huge Letná Park. Just some minutes further we found our place on an embankment of the Park. Voila. Enjoy the view!



Dinner in the City of Prague: Café Domeček

Meat with horseradish, Czech beer, and the right relaxed atmosphere. Prague offers a big variety of traditional, good and proper food. And the best is, it is not expensive at all, at least in relation to Dutch prices in Amsterdam. We paid for example not even 25 Euro for meat starters, Czech beer and 2 main courses right in the city center at Café Domeček while sitting outside in the beer garden chatting with locals.

Try the Czech friendliness and enjoy your meal in the middle of the Czech capital.

Our favorite Architecture Moments

Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau, these are epochs which give Prague his typical face and style. Starting from our Hotel, we took a long walk along the Vltava with an ice cold bottle of Kofula, the typical Czech Cola. The mild continental climate and the lushly and green grass offer perfect conditions to explore the architectural highlights. But not only historical buildings, bridges, and ornaments, also modern pieces can be found all around the city. If you cross the bridge „Jiráskův most“ for example, you will find the controversial “Dancing House” from 1996 by Milunić’s and Gehry’s, that is located in the middle of beautiful houses in art nouveau style. But take a walk and look yourself, there is a lot to discover in Prague.



Escape Room “Mind Maze”

It was a spontaneous idea to look for an Escape Room on our Gay Rainbow Spring Weekend Prague. And still, for a small adventure is always enough time. Only 15 minutes walking distance from the world famous Wenceslas Square in a small side street in the basement of a beautiful house in art nouveau style we tried to escape out of one Mind Maze. Looked in a mystical alchemist’s room, we had to think our way out of the mind prison with good theming, nice riddles and puzzles. And we got it in time (of course). In Prague and into a Mind Maze Escape Room Adventure? >


A Coffee-Break with Live-Music ar “Cacao”

Lucky us we had a blast of a sunny weekend. While wandering around, we decided to have a coffee at the Republic Square at Café Cacao. It was a special theme day with original Slovenian Live-Music. Sun, delicious coffee and music – life feel so good at this place. Opening hours and more of Café Cacao >



Bye Bye Prague, Beauty with Vltava (River Moldau)

What a surprise at the Václav Havel Airport! We met The Mole, a very famous Czech animated character by Zdeněk Miler in 1956. Especially in East Germany and Eastern Europe, the Mole is very well-known from TV series, books, and more. A perfect goodbye from Prague. See you very soon again!


Gay Travel Prague Bye bye Prague Airport | Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Prague - Czech Republic © CoupleofMen.com

Bye bye Prague Airport | Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Prague – Czechia © CoupleofMen.com


Gay Travel Prague: Our Gay Weekend Prague in Czechia

If we felt safe traveling openly gay as a couple? Yes, we did not experience any discrimination or aggression against us. Prague as a city of art and culture with an international mix of inhabitants and influences offers gay bars, gay saunas and gay parties which you can enjoy without fear. That is at least how we experience it. How did you like Prague? Do you need tips or a piece of advice? We would like to help you. See you around the world.

Interested in more information for your Prague – Trip? Leave a comment or write an email and we will try to help and provide you with all the things you need to know. Don’t be afraid and ask away! Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube for more adventures.

Karl & Daan.


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