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Gay Travel Theme Parks – Our mission as gay couple travel bloggers from we wanna visit all theme and amusement parks all around the world to show you in detail where you can have the best fun days during your gay travels. From Disneyland in Paris, California, Japan or Orlando to Six Flags all around North America, to Universal Studios around the world & all the other parks with their roller coasters, Ferris wheels, dark rides, and culinary highlights in the Netherlands, Europe, North America and Asia: theme parks are more than just constructions. They are dream and fantasy worlds made for not only LGBTQ+ travelers like us who are exploring the world to enjoy life.

Daan is an Imagineer and theme park fan by heart. Together with Karl’s love for magical environments, we will show you why a visit to a theme park should be always on your gay travel bucket list.

Join us on our mission and see the world of magic through a couple of men’s eyes.

So lovely! Gay Couple in Family Commercial of Leipzig’s Belantis – Park

This commercial is simply beautiful. It was the best decision ever to include a cute and handsome gay couple in a family video clip promoting a family ticket for the East German Theme Park Belantis in Leipzig. Who is actually defining a family? We do, everyone of us and this wonderful lovely peace of equality showing Christmas love goes hopefully as viral as possible. Gay Couple Family Commercial Belantis Theme Park

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