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We are Karl and Daan from Amsterdam.
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Scar Tissue Dutch Gay Short Movie - Imagine you are living in a homophobic country where there is no other way than hiding your love for the human being you want to be with. On top of that, your home country is the battleground of a civil war. To survive and being able to see a future for yourself, there is only one thing you can do: leave your place of birth behind and try to find somehow peace in a world totally different from where you’re coming from. Scar Tissue, the Dutch short movie, written and directed by Nish

Queer Amsterdam New LGBTQ Drama Series by BNN – Nine times six minutes queer LGBTQ drama on YouTube! But what is this exploration of the queer universe of Amsterdam about? Heteros, homos, women, men, transgender, and bisexual people, to pigeonhole everyone is the most comfortable way to handle diversity, isn’t it? Well, or is it just the way to show, that actually no one really fits in? The brand new Dutch LGBTQ Drama series tries to insinuate at exactly those weak points of our not always so gay-friendly society and to show these conflicts to a much broader audience outside