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Our 4 Must Do's Niagara Falls Canada adventure in Ontario - The Niagara Falls Region is with 18 million visitors a year the most visited tourist attraction of Northern America. The south-eastern side of the Niagara River lays on US American ground while the Horseshoe Falls, the bigger of the two waterfalls is part of Canada. This April, we as gay travel blogger visited Toronto located by Lake Ontario in the Canadian province Ontario. While Toronto as the biggest Canadian city has much to offer for LGBT travelers and locals, we decided to add an adventurous gay-friendly weekend trip to Niagara

A Zodiac Tour Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón – We visited both lagoon lakes and choose the bigger version for a Zodiac tour. Why choosing the Jökulsárlón Tour? You are able to see a lot more Icebergs, Seals, and more touring offers. This Lake flows into a short river, that flows into the ocean with smaller and bigger Icebergs. A huge bridge for cars and pedestrians connects both sides of the water.