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March 2021

ITALY: “Sicily? You? Really?”. This was the reaction I got from many friends and coworkers that found out about my plans to visit the Italian island. Having gotten fatigues of my usual escapes to Sitges, Gran Canaria, and the like – the very notion of visiting a place not littered with rainbow flags and men wearing Speedos came across as strange yet exciting. While I obviously love those places for what they are, for once, I was yearning for subtlety and authenticity.

Our Top 10 list of the best queer movies in 2021 selected for the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival Roze Filmdagen 2021. Already for 25 years, the biggest Dutch LGBTQ+ film festival is inviting the LGBTQ+ community to see the best, the most popular, and the newest LGBTQ+ movies, shorts, and documentaries. To make sure, you won’t miss any of the great queer movies, shorts, and films from Brazil to Argentina, from Italy to Israel, or from the USA to Iraq, we teamed up with festival director Werner Borkes to select some of the best movies about queer people, love, families

SWEDEN: Get ready for World Pride 2021! Together with the Danish capital Copenhagen, Malmö will be co-hosting the biggest LGBTQ+ celebration the city has ever seen. In 2019, we were lucky to attend the 25th anniversary of Malmö Pride. In 2020, we decided to go on a second trip to Malmö… We caught up with five queer locals who took us to their favorite spots and shared their thoughts on LGBTQ+ life (in Malmö). For the first time in history, World Pride will be co-hosted by two different cities in two different countries. Connecting both cities, the Öresund bridge has