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Baltic Pride Tallinn: Powerful Photos of LGBTQ+ in Estonia

Our Baltic Pride 2017 Tallinn Best Powerful LGBTQ Photos – From Soviet Suppression to Powerful Diversity in 2017, or, why do we still need a Baltic Gay Pride Parade in Europe? If you are really thinking that is an appropriate question in 2017, you are right, at least in the first place. But let us tell you, not every LGBTQ+ person living in a European country has the privilege to live a free, out-of-the-closet life like gays lesbians, queer, bi- or transexuals in Amsterdam, London or Madrid not even imagining the right for equal marriage like recently in Germany. Queer people living in the Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, for instance, are facing homophobic threats every day. They desperately want to be who they are, living a life they want to live, being able to love who they want to. Therefore, this year’s Baltic Pride under the motto “United” took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Celebrating its 9th edition, Tallinn Pride 2017 was the first Gay Pride Parade in 10 years since it was stopped because members of the LGBTQ+ community has been pelted with eggs, tomatoes and has been physically attacked and beaten up by counter-demonstrators during the parade in 2007. However, Karl and his best friend Sven traveled to Tallinn to support the Baltic Pride Gay Parade, to talk to the LGBTQ+ community and get a feeling how it is to gay travel to Tallinn and Estonia. And let us tell you already right now, the Tallinn Gay Pride Parade 2017 was a great success and exceeded all expectations of the organizers, the over 1800 participants and us gay travelers from Amsterdam. Enjoy our best rainbow photos, videos, and LGBT stories of the Baltic Pride 2017 and see the rainbow colored Tallinn Pride Parade & Festival through a couple of men’s eyes.

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“United” – We are going to Baltic Pride 2017 in Tallinn | Estonia

Gay Couple Baltic Pride 2017 Tallinn Estonia – We are happy to announce that we will attend this year’s Baltic Pride 2017! The LGBTQ+ event that aims to “increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people” joins forces with Tallinn Pride. The rainbow colored Gay Pride Festival will take place from July 6th to July 9th. Therefore, the Estonian capital is planning to organize a long list of events throughout the pride week starting with art exhibitions, LGBTQ+ film screenings to the colorful gay pride parade through the capital of Estonia. Together with supporters from the Baltic States, across Europe and from all over the world, we will celebrate the 9th edition of Baltic Pride, that rotates between the three Baltic capitals Vilnius, Tallinn, and Riga. This year, it is Tallinn’s turn to host the gay pride week. But we will have more to explore in the beautiful city of Tallinn. As one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we cannot wait to spend the first week in July in Estonia. Join us on our gay travels to Estonia and see the Baltic Pride 2017 in Tallinn with this year’s festival theme “United” through a couple of men’s eyes.

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